3 Bold Cuts to Consider for Summer

3 Bold Cuts to Consider for Summer

Try one of these tree bold cuts for a chic, stylish and cool look this summer.

By: Sarah James

There's something about the warmer months that lures people into making changes with their hairstyles. Perhaps it’s the hot weather that motivates us to transition into easier, more low-maintenance cropped ‘dos, but a little less hair in the summer is almost never a bad thing. Here we recommend three bold cuts that are chic, stylish and cool as a breeze.

1. An Asymmetrical Cut
Take a look at the fashion runways and blogs from this season and you’ll see that asymmetrical hairstyles are back and bigger than ever. An asymmetrical cut is a hairstyle in which one side appears to be longer than the other, hence the name that suggests a cut that lacks left-to-right symmetry.

One of the most popular asymmetrical cuts is one that involves an above-the-ear pixie cut on one side, and a sloping cheekbone-to-chin length on the other. This hairstyle definitely makes a bold statement and is not for the faint of heart.


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2. A Pixie Cut
The pixie is such a classic, chic look and is also making a huge comeback with many A-list celebrities today. And why shouldn’t it? Despite some critics calling it boyish, short hair on women can be undeniably feminine since it highlights the cheekbones, shoulders and nape of the neck.

This style is also a perfect haircut for the summer season because of the minimal maintenance it involves. With little blow-drying time needed, styling a pixie is a cinch that typically takes less than five minutes. Just be sure to find a stylist adept at cutting short hair on women and don’t forget to research products to enhance texture and shine. A good one to try? Herbal Essences Tousle Me Softly Finishing Touch Cream.

3. Shaggy Layers
Looking for a change but not willing to make a severe chop? Add shaggy layers throughout your mane for a fun and more featherweight look. Adding layers lightens the heaviness associated with one-length locks and gives hair tons of movement and texture.

Quick Tip: If you're looking to add movement to hair but not willing to lose much length, add some layering throughout for a quick pick-me-up.

Sarah can be found contributing her musings on style, beauty and parenting at her personal blog, Whoorl, as well as the popular beauty website Hair Thursday. Her blogs have been featured on “The Rachael Ray Show,” “ABC Nightlineand in The New York Times.

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