3 Secrets to Perfectly Straight Hair

3 Secrets to Perfectly Straight Hair

Follow these tips for beautifully straight hair without compromising you hair’s health.

Straighteners work, but ultimately you damage hair, making it dry and dull. There are other solutions that achieve the same results — without using hair-damaging heat. Remember that drying your hair must be done carefully and thoroughly, since any extra moisture causes frizz. Avoid using the blow dryer on a high-heat setting, as the temperature can cause hair fiber damage and a loss of shine.

So with that, here are three healthy ways to achieve beautiful straight hair without a straightening iron.

1. Use Straightening Products in Every Step of Your Hair Care Regimen
Shampoos, conditioners, masks and no-rinse creams formulated for long-lasting hold have strong moisturizing action, since frizziness causes dryness. Dry hair has an irregular surface with a scaly, wild coating instead of being smooth.

We recommend starting your hair care regimen with Pantene Smooth & Sleek Shampoo and Conditioner, then apply Pantene Smooth Argan Serum to your wet or dry hair prior to blow drying.


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2. Use the Right Brush
For professional brushing, you need the right brush: flat, natural-material bristles alternating with nylon tips of various heights. This brush will easily stop static electricity, while detangling and smoothing your hair in just one action.

Brush from the root to the tip following with the hairdryer and nozzle attachment directing the air from top to bottom. By going from root to tip, you go “with the grain” of your hair fibers and avoid opening the scales and losing the hair's shine.

3. Set Your Hair for a Shine that Never Fails
Setting your hair is essential for long-lasting smoothness. Just apply enough hairspray or an anti-frizz serum to coat your hair but not weigh it down. We recommend Pantene Flexible Hold Hairspray.

If you’re set on using the straightener, first apply a heat-protectant product like Pantene Heat Protection Spray to minimize the damage and remember to straighten each section quickly so the heat is not concentrated too much in one area.

Do you have any tips for healthy and straight hair? Let us know in the comments below!

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