4 Tips for Sleek and Smooth Hair

4 Tips for Sleek and Smooth Hair

Get sleek, smooth hair with these four tips.

By: Nuy Cho

Whether your hair is straight, colored, curly or wavy, all of us have to fight frizz, even during the cooler months. Perfectly sleek and smooth hair can sometimes feel unachievable. But here are some tips and tricks for getting your hair looking its best, with every strand staying right in place.

1. Wash Smart
It's important to wash your hair the right amount of times per week for your hair type. I have fine, oily, color-treated hair, so I try to wash it every other day. If you have curly hair, like my daughter, try to only wash it twice a week, since curly hair has a drier texture. (Over-washing can cause stress to the hair shaft by drying it out.)

You also want to use the right shampoo. I recommend using sulfate-free shampoos, as sulfates tend to be harsh on hair, opening up the cuticles, which can cause frizz. This is especially true if your hair is curly or color-treated. When it comes to conditioner, try leaving it in for three to five minutes and detangle your hair with your fingers while you’re still in the shower. This is milder on your hair and the conditioner will help prevent breakage while you’re working out tangles and knots.

2. Hair Masks and Natural Oil Treatments
If you have dry hair, use a hair mask or treatment weekly or monthly — depending on how severe your damage is — to replenish moisture. A treatment can be as simple as olive oil, coconut oil (my personal favorite) or Moroccan argan oil. 

For natural oils, apply generously to your scalp and hair and let it sit for at least an hour. You can even leave it on overnight and put a head wrap over it. Then wash it out in the morning. If you just have dry ends, I recommend applying the natural oil where it’s needed and then removing after at least an hour.


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Tip: Brush your hair with a good boar bristle brush when dry, or a wide plastic pin brush when wet, once a day to ensure a healthy scalp and hair. It's also a great massage!

3. Anti-Frizz Products for Styling
Styling products and leave-in conditioners are key to making your sleek and smooth look last all day, whether you're getting ready to run errands or heading to a big event. After your hair has been washed and towel-dried sufficiently, add an anti-frizz serum or cream to the ends. Massage in gently. My new favorites are Herbal Essences Anti-Frizz Creme Touchably Smooth, which helps lock out humidity and instantly makes hair go from smooth to ultra-smooth, and Aussie's Smoothing Serum, which is good for extra-dry ends. The concentrated oil adheres to split ends and unruly bits, making them soft and sleek. (And they both smell subtly wonderful.)

4. Blowing Drying and Flat-Ironing
Last but not least, you’ll need to bring on the heat. Make sure your products are evenly distributed in your hair before applying heat to ensure your strands are protected. For a great blowout and straightening session, you want to use good, solid tools.

I like the BaByliss Pro Portofino 6600 Nano Titanium Blow Dryer because its ionic generator and nano-titanium technology work together to add shine while quickly and powerfully drying your hair — which helps reduce heat damage. For flat irons, I like the BaByliss Pro Nano Titanium BaByliss Pro Flat Iron — the titanium series conducts ultra-high heat, resists corrosion and has 50 heat settings from which you can choose.

The bottom line? Good tools = great hair!

Born and raised in Honolulu but now living in Manhattan, Nuy started her work in fashion then moved to People and InStyle magazines. Her philosophy: Being a mom doesn't mean you have to throw out the beauty, and shortcuts always help! Find her at her blog, Nuy|Beauty.

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