4 Travel Myths that Affect Your Hair

4 Travel Myths that Affect Your Hair

Don’t get caught believing one of these 4 common myths about traveling and your hair.

MYTH: Don't Bother Getting a Haircut

Don't make this mistake; scheduling a haircut a week or two before your trip is the most important thing you can do to look and feel good. With a recent cut, your hair will be easier to style and maintain when you're on the road. If your hair is curly, getting a Keratin treatment will make it easier to handle, especially in humid climates.

MYTH: Avoid Coloring Before a Trip

Many women skip getting base color before a trip, especially when they're headed to a seaside location. Hair that has been recently colored has more body and looks infinitely better than having a gray stripe of roots down the middle that will need to be addressed as soon as you unpack.

MYTH: Buy Sun Products for Your Hair


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It isn't necessary to use fancy products marketed to protect your hair from the sun. Although the sun may lighten your hair, whether the color is natural or treated, it won't harm it. If your hair is colored-treated, using a good conditioner will offer you the same protection.

MYTH: Avoid Swimming at All Costs

Salt water has no effect on your hair. Although the chlorine used in pools can be particularly harsh on bleached or highlighted hair, you can still have fun. Don't let fear of chlorine keep you out of the water, but try to wash your hair soon after your swim.

Tip: Club soda is a wonderful antidote if you want to neutralize any effects of chlorine.

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