7 Cute Cuts for Medium Length Hair

7 Cute Cuts for Medium Length Hair

Find your next hair cut with one of these medium-length styles for women of all ages.

By: Allison Czarnecki

Medium-length hair is the most universally appealing and popular length — and for good reason: It looks great on pretty much everyone. Whether you have thin, fine, wavy, thick or tight and curly hair, a cut that reaches at least your chin is always flattering. Find your next hair cut with one of these seven medium-length styles perfect for different hair types.

1. The A-line Wedge
A slightly A-line wedge makes hair appear thicker and more voluminous, so it’s perfect for thin or extra-fine hair. With a handful of carefully placed layers and a bit of a tapered shape, the wedge is a great haircut for your busy life. Blow-dry and round brush for a round shape or use a flat iron on the ends for a chic look.

2. The Springy, Curly-Q Look
Curly hair is perfect for a medium-length cut. Springy curls cut to varying lengths will bounce up and add dimension to the face. If you haven’t cut your curly hair short before, be sure to ask for a hairdresser who has experience cutting and styling curly hair. There’s definitely an art to it.

3. Layers
Side-swept bangs and multicolored, layered hair has a youthful feel but can be pulled off by a sassy lady with age-appropriate hair color. This cut is great for women with an extra angular or heart-shaped face — all those wispy layers break up the strong lines to create a softer overall look.


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4. A Simple Bob
A clean-cut, straight bob looks great on women of any age, especially when the hair ends right at the chin. Buyer beware though: If you have even the slightest bit of jowl or extra puffy cheeks you might want to sit this one out for a bit. An absolutely straight bob from front to back completely frames the face, which can make your face look really full. Don’t risk a “value” cut, as this style simply must be done with precision by a professional.

5. A Long Bob
A longer bob with casual, unfussy bangs (or no bangs!) is flirty and fun. This cut is almost universally flattering. A perfect long bob is sophisticated and super easy to style no matter how old you are. If you have a long forehead, do side-swept bangs for a bit of sneaky camouflage or try straight across, face-framing bangs.

6. Blunt-cut Bangs
If you’re feeling extra adventurous, go for a punky, A-line cut with heavy blunt-cut bangs. Curling the longer pieces of hair makes a striking contrast to the sleek bangs and will set you apart from other bang wearers. For an extra sassy weekend look, straight iron all your hair from crown to tips.

7. A Straight, Below-the-shoulder Cut
For a totally modern girl, a straight cut that hits just at or right below the shoulder is an easy-to-maintain, simple and completely versatile cut. Blow-dry straight or throw in some spiral curls for a night on the town.

Tell us: What haircut have you always wanted to try? Let us know in the comments section below!

Allison is both founder and editor of Petit Elefant, and runs the gamut from granola to glamour and loves everything in between.

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