How to Get Beachy Waves

How to Get Beachy Waves

The best part about loose waves? Almost anyone can create this stylish hairdo.

By: Sarah James

Summertime is the perfect season to rock some beachy waves. The best part about loose waves? Almost anyone can create them — from those with chin-length tresses to those with manes that travel all the way down the back. The key is working with your hair’s natural texture or, for those who have naturally straight hair, amping up your lack of texture by (Shhhhh!) creating slight bends and curves yourself. Here’s how to get the look for any hair type.

If your hair is naturally wavy or curly, you are in luck, my friend. You’ve got a leg up on the competition for this trendy hairstyle already. The coolest thing about beachy waves is that they are supposed to look undone. That means the best beach-style curls are the ones that haven't been manipulated or touched too much.

After washing hair, apply your favorite wave-enhancing product all throughout and let hair air-dry (or dry with a diffuser if you don't have time to air-dry). Do not, I repeat, do not fuss with your hair after the product has been applied or you'll create a frizzy mess. Just let nature (or the diffuser) work its magic!


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A great product for adding beach-inspired ripples to wavy or curly strands is Pantene Curl Enhancing Spray Gel. To get more of a piecey texture after hair is dry, try Herbal Essences Texturizing Wax. (But don't touch too much. Remember, less is more.)

Ladies with straight hair have to work a bit harder for these tousled tresses, but it's still absolutely doable. After washing hair, apply a volumizing gel or mousse to create hold and movement. Once dry, wrap 1- to 2-inch sections of hair around the barrel of a curling iron. Try a three-quarter-inch curling iron if your hair is chin-length, and go for a 1-inch or one and a half-inch iron if your hair is longer.

Don't take too much time trying to perfect the coils with the curling iron. Actually, the less you style, the more authentic the overall beachy waves will look. Here's a video showing the actual curling technique.

The great part about this hairstyle is that you can wear it for several days without having to wash it. The swerves will loosen a little bit every day, and you can ride them all out with little fuss.

Sarah can be found contributing her musings on style, beauty and parenting at her personal blog, Whoorl, as well as the popular beauty website Hair Thursday. Her blogs have been featured on “The Rachael Ray Show,” “ABC Nightlineand in The New York Times.

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