Home Hair Treatments To Help Your Hair Look Thicker

Home Hair Treatments To Help Your Hair Look Thicker

A head of thick, glossy locks is what we all aspire to. But as we get older, the changes in our hair can make this slightly more challenging.

Over the years, many women notice their hair thins or becomes more lifeless. And it can be particularly limp and lackluster in the winter, when colder temperatures combine with the drying effects of artificial heating. But there are ways to achieve fuller, thicker-looking hair at home that aren’t complicated and won’t cost the earth.

Choose the right products
It’s important to use a shampoo and conditioner with the correct formulation. Pantene Expert Collection Age Defy Shampoo and Conditioner have been developed especially for women who want to anti-age their hair, helping it look up to 10 years younger.

The shampoo and conditioner are gentle enough to use every day, while the Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment uses a blend of vitamin B3, panthenol and caffeine to add thickness to each hair strand, creating the effect of up to 6500 extra hairs on your head. Use daily on wet or dry hair as a leave-in product, spraying at the roots before massaging in with fingertips.

Tricks for thicker-looking hair
Once you’ve given your hair the best preparation, there are simple tricks and techniques everyone can try.

Stylists often use dry shampoo to give hair a volumizing boost for special occasions – it’s not just for in-between washes. Spritz a volume booster onto roots and then gently work in to help add lift and volumizing texture to limp hair.


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Another trick is to try styling your hair with a parting on the opposite side to usual, or having no defined parting at all. While hair can fall flat on either side of a regular parting, a differently placed or a ‘messy’ parting can give hair more lift.

Rediscover styling mousse
Mousses used to have a reputation for leaving hair feeling ‘crispy’, but modern formulations provide more invisible support. Pantene Volume Body Boosting Mousse, for example, is designed as a lightweight product for fine hair. Experiment with applying a golf-ball-sized amount of mousse through the roots before blow-drying, or follow the advice of some hair experts who say it’s better to comb it evenly through the hair from the mid-length to the tips.

Expert tips for thicker hair

  • Some beauty editors recommend using conditioner before you wash to give hair extra bounce, although this doesn’t work for everyone.
  • Experts say that if you want hair to have body, don’t apply conditioner to the roots – it weighs it down. Rather, you want to apply it to the tips alone, or from mid-length to tips.
  • Finally, for fuller, thicker hair, don’t overdry when you blow-dry, especially if you’re using a brush to straighten as you go, as this can suck the life out of your crowning glory.

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