Look Fabulosa! Flattering haircuts styles by face shape

Look Fabulosa! Flattering haircuts styles by face shape

There’s nothing better than having a good haircut. In addition to looking modern, you can refresh your look and even look younger. These are some haircut options that match the shape of your face.

By: Alejandra C.

Having a haircut that matches your face type gives you character, it helps you stand out, and it also helps you create your own style. In order to know which one is best for you, I spoke to Gloria Vega, who has worked with many of our favorite celebrities. This is what she recommends.

Round face: Gloria recommends a cut that can give your hair volume on the top part of the head. It can be in layers with volume at the crown, which is better that strait and flat or with volume on the sides. In terms of length, it's better to have it medium to long.

Oval face: This is considered the ideal face and one that can pull off any look. Gloria recommends asymmetric cuts or something more daring like pixie or garçon. Don't worry about the end results. Whatever you choose will look great.

Long face: Large forehead and pronounce chin are the traits that define this type of face. In order to achieve a natural and even look, fringe on the top and lower part of the face makes your face look more proportionate. Another option is a fringed haircut or haircuts with big waves that help give your cheeks more volume and hide the length of your face.

Heart shaped face: These are faces with a wide forehead that get narrow at the chin, which is generally small and sharp. The best cut is one with volume on top and complemented with bangs to hide the forehead.

Square or wide face: The stylist recommends bobs for this type of face. The version with short layers, somewhat unkempt, and up to the chin, looks great.

Her tips for hair care: Gloria recommends choosing a good shampoo as the first step in hair care. “I like Vidal Sassoon hydrating shampoo because it moisturizes hair, prevents dryness, and leaves it soft and silky. She recommends not overdoing it with curling irons and extensions, and if you use them daily, it’s recommended that you use a good hair repair mask”.

What else do you take into consideration when you're deciding how to wear your hair?


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