No-Maintenance Haircuts to Save You Time

No-Maintenance Haircuts to Save You Time

Check out these tips for quick, fabulous hairstyles you can do in minutes.

By: Julie Meyers Pron

Most people will agree that confidence and practice in your style will make your hair routine easier each day — if you’re not attempting to fight a beast of a tangled mane in the mornings, at least. Starting with a low-maintenance haircut or style will not only save you time and frustration, it’ll allow you to walk out the door as confident as you would be if you spent an hour in front of the mirror.

Straighten Your Frizz
Those of us with frizzy, curly hair laugh at a term like “no maintenance.”

Enter keratin. A keratin-based straightening treatment will turn almost any hairstyle into a no-maintenance affair, allowing you to roll out of bed and simply run a brush right through your ’do. The treatments can be expensive, however, and require lengthy application and repeat applications (about one application every three to six months.)

Tame Your Frizz
If the keratin treatment isn’t for you, ask your stylist to recommend a curl perfector. Curl perfectors are leave-in gel products that, when applied to damp hair, help curls to form into ringlets without the frizz. These gels take just seconds to apply after a shower, turning a lengthy styling session into a quick wash-and-run.

Women with curly hair should avoid towel-drying their hair, as natural curls will not form naturally with any pressure. Allowing them to air dry will let them form without any manipulation.

For this style, it's worth investing in a good haircut. Professional stylists can cut so that a bob will naturally turn under, eliminating the need for curling. When your hair is naturally the way you’d style, it becomes the essence of effortless style. On top of that, because a bob is short, there’s less hair to style, cutting your style time.

Pixie Cuts
Pixie cuts are the most simple no maintenance cut, as the hair is so short that there’s no need to curl or tame. A simple wash and an optional dry and you’ll be out the door.

Long Hair
The extreme opposite of a pixie cut, ladies who grow their hair long often look for quick alternatives to a ponytail. Stylists suggest that for beachy waves in the morning, put hair up in two buns on either side of the head before bed. Use soft fabric hair bands to avoid harsh crimps and hair breakage. When you're ready to go the next morning, carefully take your hair down and shake it out.

The New-Age Pony and Bun
There are ponytails, and then there are ponytails. While some days simply call for tying it up and getting out the door, a quick adjustment to the pony will add incredible style to your look.

Treat damp hair with a shine-inducing gel, use a decorative hair band and move your pony to a different place (lower on the neck, off to the side or higher on your head.) All of these looks offer a bit of style to the traditional ponytail. In the same vein, simply adjusting a bun’s messiness and location can dramatically change your look, too.

As cursed as you may think you are when it comes to your hair, if you treat it well, it will return the favor. With all these options (and personal variations you can come up with on the fly), you’ll find a way to keep everyone guessing just what fabulous hairdo they’ll see you with next. The best part is, they’ll never know it only took you a minute or two.

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I agree short haircuts are way easier than long hair. I just cut 14 inches off of my hair and it's way easier to manage,and it also eliminated my headaches. I would recommend it to people that want to save time, and people that gets headaches from long hair.

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