5 Glamorous Hair Tricks That Take Five Minutes

5 Glamorous Hair Tricks That Take Five Minutes

Check out our handy guide to speedy hair styling tips and look polished minutes before you head out the door!

Ever wondered how some women look impeccably chic, even when they’ve seemingly rushed out of the door? Whether they’re dashing to work or heading for an impromptu night out, they manage to turn tangled hair into a polished style in minutes. How do they do it? We’ve put together a handy guide to speedy hair styling tips

1. Ponytail with a twist

If you constantly scrape back your longer hair to keep it out of the way, jazz it up with this alternative: pull your hair into a loose and low ponytail, then split the hair above the band to create a gap. Push the pony of hair through the gap and pull it down and through, so it emerges at the nape of your neck. Push the band up so it’s hidden beneath your hair and you have an updated style for day or evening. Or try this clever way to hide a hair bobble: pull hair back into a pony, then take a piece of hair from underneath and wrap it round the band, clipping into place with a grip underneath. Chic in a second.

2. Spray and go

If you’ve been avoiding dry shampoo – thinking a daily wash is the only way to revive limp locks – may we introduce you to Pantene Dry Shampoo. It absorbs oil and gives hair a shot of volume in seconds, and will save you drying and styling time, too. Spritz around your head at the root, leave for a couple of minutes to let it work its magic, then brush through. Your hair will instantly feel cleaner and thicker and you’ll wonder why you didn’t jump on the dry shampoo bandwagon sooner.

3. Join the braid-y bunch

Braids aren’t just for schoolgirls – braiding is a way to add a youthful spirit to your look. Create a small, half French braid from a side parting around one ear and secure with a grip to keep hair off your face or tidy up a fringe that’s growing out. Wear a long center-back braid for a sophisticated look, or create a fishtail braid that falls to one side – just remember to loosen it up slightly once you’re finished, for a modern, bohemian style.

4. Add some gloss

No matter the style, shiny, healthy hair always looks polished. But in the depths of winter, hair’s natural shine suffers from dehydration due to centrally heated homes and offices on top of cold, dry outdoor air. Enter Pantene Pro-V Power-Up Daily Treatment – this leave-in treatment hydrates hair to leave it flexible and strong against damage.

5. Add an accessory

Hair accessories made from synthetic hair are now available in a huge range of shades to blend with your natural (or not so natural!) hair color. Anything from clip-on ballerina buns to lengths of hair on small combs (which can be wound around ponytails or added in to give hair more body) all offer quick, yet ‘done’, styling fixes in a hurry.

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