Spring Special: Secrets to Healthy Hair

Spring Special: Secrets to Healthy Hair

Get your hair back into shape after winter with these quick, easy tips.

Between the cold, sudden changes in temperature, rain and the snow, winter isn't exactly good for hair.

Luckily, it doesn’t last forever. The arrival of spring is the ideal time to whip it back into shape. Try these useful tips for replenishing your hair’s splendor and vitality.

Massage Your Way to Healthier Hair
The key to this is to massage your scalp. This helps boost blood circulation, which in turn oxygenates the hair fiber.



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  • On wet hair: Gently massage the scalp with the fingertips as you shampoo your hair and apply light pressure to the temples, brow line and ear contours.
  • On dry hair: Twice a week, place your hands on your head, one on top of the other, and apply firm pressure while you slide them back and forth. Start from the nape of the neck and make your way to the crown and do this for up to two minutes. (For greater effect, and time permitting, try placing a hot, wet towel on your head beforehand to dilate the blood vessels. Simply pour some water onto the towel, wring it out and microwave for 30 seconds.)

Stimulate Growth
Just like autumn, spring is another time when we lose more hair than usual, and there's nothing we can do about it — it's just the way we are. Don't panic, though — you can boost the growth of your hair to keep it just as thick and abundant as it was before!

Your diet can actually help with this. Get zinc and magnesium for increased keratin levels in seafood, lentils, whole-meal bread, cocoa and almonds. You can get iron to increase oxygen flow to the roots through parsley, beef, oysters and spinach. Get protein to strengthen the hair from tuna, cheese, cooked ham, chicken, beef and eggs. B vitamins can be obtained through mushrooms, cereals, potatoes and bananas.

You may have heard it before, but shampooing correctly can play a huge part in your hair’s health. Washing your hair every day stimulates the sebaceous glands, thus making the hair greasy quicker.

The solution? Shampoo your hair a maximum of three times a week, alternating only with a rinse in warm water. You can also try dry shampooing.

Choosing correct accessories can also make a big difference. A boar's hair brush is the least aggressive on the hair. When it comes to untangling, however, nothing beats a wide-toothed comb, which won't break hair fibers.

If you haven't already done so, invest in a professional hair-dryer with at least 1,500 watts and several speed and temperature settings. No more heat-damaged hair!

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