Volume Reboot: Awaken Winter Hair

Volume Reboot: Awaken Winter Hair

Easy steps for putting more bounce in your tired tresses this winter.

It’s cold outside for most of us, so hats may or may not have become a staple piece of your wardrobe as of late. While it’s fun to rock a knit cap or beanie to keep warm, how about the effect they have on your beloved locks?

If you lose the hat, you find matted, static-shaped hair underneath. How can you revive your tresses for some bounce at the base and restore the body they once had (maybe just hours before)?


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If you have thick, lustrous and full hair, you’re probably already covered in the volume department. But if you’re like some of us and you struggle to pump up limp locks of fine, thin hair, we’ve got some tips for bringing back the volume to that crown of glory.

  • Use Dry Shampoos. This may be a shift at first, but resist the urge to shampoo your hair every single day. Instead, reach for dry shampoo like Herbal Essences Naked Dry Shampoo and massage it in at your roots. Your hair will feel refreshed and maintain more volume.
  • Use a shampoo and conditioner that won’t weigh your hair down. Consider conditioning hair first and shampooing second because you’re getting your hair ready and nourished with the conditioner first before the cleansing follows. Thickening shampoos or conditioning treatments can also boost volume, like Pantene’s Age Defy Advanced Thickening Treatment.
    Tip: Still feeling weighed down? Apply conditioner to the bottom half of your hair, avoiding the roots and crown area.
  • Just Pin it. This is especially good for second or third day hair: try strategically placing bobby pins to give the illusion of volume all day.
  • Upside down Dry. If you have thin, curly or fine hair, you’ll get a lot out of drying upside down. The key is to start when your hair is soaking wet, and at 60 percent dry, flip your head up to finish. You’ll add a lot of volume, and when you’re right side up simply pick up your roots for extra lift at the base. This allows the curls to maintain their shape without the forceful air pushing the hair flat.
  • Sleep Well. Take an extra minute at night and get the most out of that bed head. Put your hair up in a loose bun when sleeping to get away with second day hair – and to avoid flat hair in the morning. If you’re washing before bed, you’ll want to pile some mini buns on top of your head for the best-case scenario in the morning.
  • Fingers First. If you’re interested in a wavy or curlier look, stop reaching for the round or paddle brush. Let your fingers work through your mane, and you’ll achieve a curly or more natural, playful look.
  • Cleanse Your Roots. One way to achieve more volume and lift: cleanse the roots. Focus a clarifying shampoo on the base of your hair, like Pantene Repair and Protect Shampoo.

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