How to Create an Easy Half-Up Criss-Cross in 4 Steps

Mornings are hectic, but your hair doesn’t have to be. Get this pretty, polished look in a few easy steps.

Some mornings (OK, maybe most mornings) you have mere minutes to make yourself look presentable, much less polished. Enter the half-up criss-cross! This versatile hairstyle can be worn while dashing across town, running errands or going on a romantic dinner date. It’s even great for an understated formal or prom look! What’s more, it works equally well for curly or straight hair. We show you how to pull it off in four easy steps.


Step 1
Start with dry, freshly washed hair. Using Pantene Daily Moisture Renewal Shampoo and Foam Conditioner will soften and restore dry hair without weighing it down. To begin styling, take a section of hair from the top of your head and secure it in the back with a hair tie.



Step 2
Starting with one side of your head, take a section of hair from the front and loosely sweep it toward the back of your head, twisting it gently. Secure it with bobby pins. Make sure the flat side of the pin is on the outside and the textured side rests against your scalp – this provides the best grip.



Step 3
Repeat step 2 on the other side of your head: Take a section of hair from the front and loosely sweep it toward the back of your head, twisting it gently and securing with bobby pins. Cover the bobby pins from the first section of hair with this section.



Step 4
Switch to the other side of your head again. Sweep the section of hair just above your ear from front to back. At the back, loop this top section of hair around the previous section and secure with pins underneath so it stays in place. Repeat on the other side of your head. Finish with Aussie Sun Touched Shine Spray, and you’re ready to go! 



Get More Hair Inspiration
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How do you dress your hair up or down? We’d love to hear your ideas in the comments section.


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