Pantene Heat Protection Spray 3

Protects hair against heat damage while sealing in shine

Pantene Heat Protection Spray

hair styler

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Never go without protection. Shield your strands against damage while sealing in shine.

Shields strands from heat and provides a glossy finish.

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Pantene Heat Protection Spray



very poor, I didn't feel like my hair was getting protection instead getting burned.

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Anonymous dominique69

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Pantene Heat Protection Spray
I love this product!

I respectfully disagree with the other reviewers. I love this product! It really keeps my hair shiney and bouncey, without weighing my hair down like alot of other products can. The only complaint that I have, which the other reviewers also had, is that the spray on the spray bottle could be better. It does seem to stream instead of spray. But, if you make sure you comb your hair well after applying, it helps. I found my hair had better curl definition, softer curls, and it just looked better with it, than without it.

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Wavy mane

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Pantene Heat Protection Spray
could be better

I have been using Pantene products as long as I can remember and I usually love every product i try. This unfortunately is not one one their best. The pump does not distribute the product evenly through your hair and it made my hair feel straw-like and very difficult to work with. It did a great job of making my hair shinny. I have color treated hair and the heat protection seems to prevent further damage. I usually love Pantene products but will not be purchasing this one again.

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curly blonde

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