Make the Change: Finding the Spring Hair Color for You

Thinking about a new do – a break from the norm? See where you are and if you’re ready for change this season!

Spring is all about coming out from winter to shine! And what better way to shine on than by rocking a fresh new do? From fresh cuts to braided styles and vivid colors, hair has certainly had the spotlight lately.

So if you’ve wanted to switch up your hair color but just can’t decide which look to go for, we’ve got you covered.

Take our short quiz to find out which look is right for you this spring.

1. How often do you change up your hair color?
A. All the time! I change my color almost as often as I change my mood. Bring it all on.
B. Pretty often, but no lavender or granny chic. I go back and forth from an allover color to subtle highlights.
C. Occasionally I’ll do my roots to cover the gray.
D. I did it once and I never want to do it again – bad experience!

2. What best describes your daily wardrobe?
A. Always on trend (no mater how crazy the style); I like to keep up with the latest fashions.
B. Inspired by my favorite celebrities, but I don’t like to go for anything too “out there.”
C. Simple. I’m happy with the same jeans, tees, cardigans and sundresses that I’ve had for a few years.
D. Call me 'trend-resistant,” but I’d rather stick to the same look day in and day out than run the fashion race.

3. What shade best describes your skin tone?
A. Fair to light – in the winter I look close to porcelain.
B. Light to medium; I think my skin tone is a warmer, sandy color.
C. Medium to dark; I tan super easily once the sun comes out!
D. Darker skin

4. What is your go-to lip color?
A. Either bright red or deep purple (depends on my outfit).
B. I like a pale pink, but only if I’m going to work or out for the night.
C. I stick to glosses, and I’ll occasionally add some pigment with lip liner underneath.
D. Lip balm is all I need!

Mostly A’s:
 Go with your gut! You love expressing yourself by switching up your look, so an intense color is perfect for you. If you’ve been dying to try a deep purple shade or platinum blonde, now is your chance.

Mostly B’s:
 You like to keep it simple, but you are certainly not opposed to change. An ombre look will brighten up your face for spring and bring you just the right amount of change.

Mostly C’s:
 If you’ve ever dyed your hair before, chances are you weren’t a fan. If this is your first time, it’s no surprise you’re a little nervous. Frame your face with highlights in a shade close to your natural color. It won’t feel overwhelming, and it will freshen up your overall style.

Mostly D’s:
 You may not be ready to try color now (but you’ll consider it in the future). You’re into your own style and don’t need to stay up with the trends, so sticking to a similar color to your natural hair is a great starting place when you’re ready!


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