10 Skincare Tips

10 Skincare Tips

Try these beauty tips to help prepare your skin for winter.

The skin is both precious and fragile. It can be easily damaged by radical changes in temperature. So before your skin pays the price of being unprepared for winter, get a transitional regimen in place and enjoy winter with a healthy glow.

1. Use Special Creams
Beauty products are like wardrobes — they change with the seasons. While a light moisturizer is recommended in the summer, your skin will thank you for a richer, more indulgent cream that provides greater protection from the cold and snow in winter.

2. Treat Yourself to a Full Skincare Treatment
Autumn is the best time of year to deep-cleanse your skin, so treat yourself to a full facial skincare treatment.

While a professional job at a spa would be ideal, those on a tighter budget can try a home treatment such as a special facial scrub followed by a moisturizing or mattifying mask (if your skin is dry or greasy, respectively).

3. Exfoliate Regularly
Exfoliating both your face and body once a week removes dead cells that prevent the skin from properly absorbing any creams you apply.

4. Use a Moisturizer Morning and Night
After cleansing in the morning, apply a nourishing moisturizing lotion that cares for and protects the skin. At night, use a specially designed night cream to treat skin that was damaged during the day. These are two essential steps to achieving a radiant complexion.

5. Avoid Drastic Changes in Temperature
Boiling hot showers and long baths should be avoided. The skin suffers as a result of sudden changes from extremely cold to hot temperatures. To prevent such damage, make sure that your bath or shower water never exceeds body temperature and that you never stay in it for more than 20 minutes.


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6. Keep up with Maintenance
To protect your skin, prevent it from showing the signs of aging and prepare it for drastic drops in temperature, you must be sure to take good care of it. Cleanse your face and remove all traces of makeup twice a day to purify the skin before moisturizing it.

7. Don’t Forget Your Lips
When the wind starts blowing and the temperature drops, your lips are the first to suffer. Apply a lip balm several times a day and another thick layer before you go to sleep to act as a repairing mask.

8. …Or Your Hands
The hands also suffer during the winter months since they’re so exposed. Use a moisturizing product to prevent them from drying out completely.

9. Get Your Vitamins
Fruit and vegetables are your friends. Getting enough of both will help you keep fit and healthy through the winter months. For preventive purposes, it's a good idea to stock up on vitamins and eat at least five portions of fruit or vegetables a day.

10. Drink Plenty of Water
The number-one winter danger for the skin is dehydration. If you want to stop your face from dehydrating, make sure you drink six or seven cups of water a day, starting with a large glass of water when you wake up to eliminate the toxins that will have accumulated while you've been asleep.

How do you change your skincare regimen when winter starts setting in? Let us know in the comments section below!

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