10 Smart Skin Care Tricks That Really Work

10 Smart Skin Care Tricks That Really Work

By Leah Maxwell

That old grade-school joke is true: Your epidermis is showing. And it’s going to be showing a lot more now that warm weather is here, and your long sleeves and leggings are giving way to tanks and skirts. To help get your skin in shape for the season (and to keep it looking and feeling great all year round), we asked women on CafeMom.com and social media to share their best advice for achieving healthy, beautiful skin from head to toe. Check out these 10 tips for faces, flanks, and feet, and then leave your own in the comments!

1. “Sun protection. Wear products with SPF year round [as well as] hats, sunglasses, and sleeves. No sunbathing/tanning beds ever.” -- Janet W., Atascadero, California

2. “Put a dab of toothpaste on your zits. It really does dry them out overnight!” -- Sonia D., Alameda, California

3. “Exercise in the outdoors!” -- Anonymous

4. “Don’t shower too often; you’ll be itchy.” -- Megan H., Rockville, Maryland

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5. “My pale skin always looks a shade darker when I lighten my hair.” -- Amy W., Portland, Oregon

6. “If you want your skin to look good, eat your veggies.” -- Sue D., southern California


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7. “At-home bikini waxes are just as good as, and in my experience better than, professional ones (plus CHEAPER). Once you get the hang of it, that is. The first few are really special experiences. Related: At-home eyebrow waxes are a great way to accidentally pull out one really important hair and spend the next four months drawing on the middle of your eyebrow. So, pay a professional for those.” -- Erin K., Leesburg, Virginia 

8. “Always wash your face when you wake up and go to bed. Never go to bed with makeup on.” -- Anonymous

9. “Drink plenty of water. This is the most important.” -- Anonymous

10. “Look in the mirror three times a day, and say, ‘Thank you for the way you look. You are amazing.’” -- Maria, Orlando, Florida

What’s your smartest skin care trick?

Leah Maxwell is a book editor, freelance writer, cereal addict, wife, and mom to two young boys. She has been blogging at A Girl and a Boy since 2003.

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@pub1975 -- Great tip, thanks for sharing!

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Hey, thanks for this. Can I have this tips for my body skin also for having smart skin?

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