In Your Eyes: How to Camouflage Those Sleepless Nights

In Your Eyes: How to Camouflage Those Sleepless Nights

Refresh the eye area and restore a look and feeling of confidence with a few tricks.

Supposedly, dark circles under the eyes are a sign of fatigue. Well, I must've been born tired because I looked like a raccoon by eighth grade. Taking my cue from female classmates, I erased my under-eye circles every morning before going to school with the only product at the time for that purpose. It was the color and texture of putty and came in a lipstick tube.

Did it look natural? Hardly. But you couldn't pry it out of my cold, teenaged hands.

Fortunately, we have better options today with products that refresh and brighten the eye area, camouflaging those sleepless nights and restoring a sense of confidence. Here's how to contend with some common issues.

Dark Circles
The skin under your eyes is extremely thin. This means that the slightest hint of a dark circle – caused by pooled blood close to the surface – can make you look like you've gone a few rounds with Rocky Balboa.

Before heading out the door, gently pat some creamy concealer at the outer edges of your eyes and onto your lids. This will instantly brighten up your eyes and cover up those dark circles. My favorite? Olay Eyes Illuminating Eye Cream, which reduces the appearance of dark circles under eyes in just two weeks and reflects light from the eyes for a smoother, more radiant skin tone. Don't leave home without it.

Saggy skin under the eyes is caused when water pools into swelled tissue. If you're stressed or not getting enough sleep, this could be your problem. Try adding another pillow under your head – the extra elevation will help keep excess fluids from building up in your face.

Want to pack those bags away? Olay Eyes Eye Lifting Serum is specially formulated to instantly plump the overall eye area with hydration and reduce the appearance of under-eye bags with every use.


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Under-eye puffiness tends to worsen with age. You might notice the puffing gets worse after a late night, salty food binge or crying bout. Try a compress to temporarily reduce puffiness, like cool cucumber slices, warm caffeinated tea bags or a cool, damp washcloth.

For additional fighting power, try Olay Eyes Eye Depuffing Roller, which works to instantly awaken tired-looking eyes and soothe skin.

Expert tip: Keep your eye treatment in the fridge. It helps de-puff eyes quickly in the morning and feels refreshing during warmer temps.

Fine Lines and Wrinkles
Now about those dreaded fine lines. While it's not possible to turn back the clock, you can find eye products loaded with ingredients like Pro-Retinol that help increase the rate of surface cell turnover to smooth the appearance of wrinkles. Try Olay Eyes Pro Retinol Eye Treatment to reduce your deepest wrinkles in just four weeks.

Last but not least, if you're suffering from all of these tired-eye symptoms, go for Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream, which fights wrinkles, dark circles and puffy eyes in an instant.

What's your best eye-opening tip? Share your remedies with us in the comments below!

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