4 Tips for Finding the Best Fall Perfume

4 Tips for Finding the Best Fall Perfume

A new season means a new fragrance. Find your fall perfume with these four tips.

By: Nadine Jolie

Is there anything more romantic than a fall day? The leaves have started to change, there's a crisp chill in the air and you’re wearing your coziest sweater and boots for the first time in months. But just as the change of season means you need to switch up your wardrobe (bye-bye, sundress and hello, peacoat!), your scent needs an update, too.

Fragrance is infused with different notes. Those designed for summer tend to be fruitier and lighter — all beautiful qualities that can be out of place with autumn's crisper, busier, back-to-school vibe. Here are four key things to look for when choosing your new scent for fall.

1. Examine the Notes
If you wear a flowery fragrance come October, nobody is going to declare, "You're wearing the wrong fragrance for the season!" But just as boots are preferred to sandals when the weather shifts, so it goes for perfume. Fragrances designed for the cooler weather tend to combine scents like amber, sandalwood, musk and vetiver. If you gravitate toward fruitier, lighter fragrances, something with a citrusy top note that dwindles down to a heavier base note could provide a nice autumnal alternative.


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2. Is It the Right Style for You?
Heavier fragrances may be more popular in the fall and winter, but that doesn't necessarily mean that a scent that combines patchouli and musk will be your best bet. Perfume reacts differently to each person's unique body chemistry, so it's important to pick a fragrance that works for you. It should feel like a second skin when you're wearing it. So if a scent feels too heavy, don’t wear it. Steer clear of musks, and opt instead for eau de parfums and toilettes.

3. Do a Sniff Test
When you're testing a fragrance, applying the scent to your skin is a must. Don’t just evaluate it by smelling it on one of those strips or sniffing the top of the bottle. Also, don’t go overboard. You don't want to smell like a department store exploded on you and, more importantly, your nose will stop differentiating between the fragrances if it’s been overloaded with fragrances.

When shopping for perfume, try only three at any given time. In between each scent, it's ideal to sniff coffee grounds to neutralize your sense of smell. Since you probably don't carry around a jar of beans, you can also sniff your shirtsleeve.

4. What’s in a Name?
Quite a bit! Check to see if one of your favorite fragrances comes in a seasonal version. Many popular scents are available in lighter formulas for summer and have limited-edition offers that are released in fall and winter.

Nadine is a former beauty editor, the author of two beauty books, a Los Angeles resident and has appeared as a beauty expert on Today, Tyra, CNN and MSNBC, and teaches beauty classes. She has written for Lucky, Cosmopolitan and Jane and is a beauty contributor to VanityFair.com. You can find her at her website Nadine Jolie.

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