How to Hydrate Your Skin For the Winter

How to Hydrate Your Skin For the Winter

Enjoying healthy skin during dry winter days is possible thanks to these little secrets.

Winter is especially harsh on our skin. Take care of it this season and keep it moist, radiant and young.

To hydrate:
Remember to moisturize every day as part of your daily beauty routine. And even though it may be chilly out, it’s still important to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful rays. Try Olay Complete all-day moisturizer with SPF 15.

When bathing:
Lots of soaps leave the skin tight and dry, so it's good to use liquid soap that moistens and softens the skin. Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash is a great option. Not only will you feel like you just put on some soft lotion, but it helps firm the skin too.

For a red nose:
If your nose gets red easily, you have a few options. Put a thick moisturizer on your nose for a while or before going to bed. You can also try some warm, moist water compresses once you get home. And be sure to bundle up – scarves are a must, pull it up over your nose – when you do go out in the cold.


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If you have rough hands:
It's recommended that you put cream on your hands often after washing them and throughout the day. It's good to keep hand lotion in your bag and another on your desk.

For rough feet:
Sometimes the soles of our feet get very rough. Don't wait for your skin to get dry and cracked. The secret is to put a generous amount of moisturizer on the bottom of your feet and wear socks to bed. In a couple of days your skin will be as soft and smooth.

What are the beauty problems that most affect you in winter?

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