How to Use Our New Favorite Body Cleanser: The DUO

See how Olay, Old Spice and Ivory are creating a never before seen two-sided clean.

Clean is clean, right? Well, that depends on what you’re cleaning. When it comes to the shower, we’re rarely satisfied by just being not dirty. We want to smell amazing. We want to be touchably soft. And we want to invigorate, indulge and renew our skin – pretending those five minutes in the bathroom are a weekend at our own personal spa. Because we deserve it! And you know what else we deserve? Something new and refreshingly different from those meshy old shower puffs.

Enter, the DUO.

It’s not a washcloth, it’s not a sponge and it’s definitely not a puff. DUO is something totally new. In fact, it made us completely rethink and reinvent how we shower. We even threw away our favorite puffs.

Why? DUO unites the clean of a bar, the care of a body wash and the experience of a puff, giving consumers the multi-sensory experience they desire for the best of all worlds.

Here’s How it Works:

Just add water
to activate the rich cleansing lather of the new breakthrough DUO.

Use the scrubby side to exfoliate and renew your surface skin with a clean that’s 2X better than our basic body wash and a puff.

Use the smooth side to gently condition your skin, hydrating better than an ordinary bar soap.

It’s a multi-sensory shower experience featuring the best of Olay, Old Spice and Ivory. Try Olay DUO for the exotic aromas of Soothing Orchid & Black Currant, get the Old Spice DUOs for Swagger and Pure Sport or pick up Ivory DUO for the new Refreshing Clean scent.

The result is a deep, refreshing clean for noticeably invigorated, touchably soft skin. And each DUO lasts up to 30 uses. Just hang it up to dry after each shower. Once the lather starts fading, grab yourself a new one.

If you’re like us, then the idea of making your shower time even a little bit more enjoyable sounds pretty great. So, give it a try! We did, and we should warn you – your shower will never be the same again.



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I really like the idea of the new Duo however, since it is disposable after approximately 30 uses, is it biodegradable? Or will it be something else filling up the landfills?

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Discover DUO The Never Before Seen Two-Sided Clean
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