My Friend, My Inspiración

Take a moment this month to thank the women who make you proud of where you come from.

Embracing our culture isn’t always easy. The way we’re portrayed in the media makes it seem as if you have to look, talk or act a certain way. But the truth is, there’s no right way to be a Latina. And there are likely many beautiful, strong women in your life who serve as inspiración for being your most authentic, orgullosa self.

That’s why, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, we asked fashion and beauty vlogger Hiliana Devila (@HilianaDevila) to join us in celebrating the women in our lives who inspire us to embrace our culture. Watch her in the video above as she thanks a very special influence in her life, Ada Rojas (@AllThingsAda).

If this makes you think about a woman in your life who embodies what it means to be a Latina – and we hope it does – let her know! Join the celebration by telling her what she means to you and posting the video using #WeAreOrgullosa.

Proud of my roots
As Hiliana Devila did in the video above, Ada Rojas has reached out to a special woman in her life who inspires her to be herself, even when it isn’t easy. Watch as she describes her experience in reaching out to friend and fellow YouTube creator, Rocío Isabel (@RisasRizos).

When was the last time you thanked an influential woman in your life for helping you stand orgullosa? Give her a call – or better yet, set up a video chat so you can record and share with #WeAreOrgullosa – to let her know that you appreciate all she’s done to help shape the woman you are today.

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