Prep Your Skin For Summer

Prep Your Skin For Summer

Find out the best ways to manage your skin’s damage before, during and after sun exposure.

By: Gigi Anders

The Big C
One out of every five Americans will develop skin cancer in their lifetime, according to the American Society for Dermatologic Surgery. “We’re still not getting the message through," says Washington, D.C. dermatologist Tina Alster.

"Young people never think they’re gonna look old," Alster adds. "Ninety percent of aging is related to the sun.”

Read on to see how you can protect your skin, no matter the season.

Take Freckles Seriously
“No baby’s born with freckles,” Alster says. "They're activated by sunlight. They're the body's response to sun damage." Prevent sunburn with sunblock and sun protective clothing.

Exfoliate Seriously
Irritated, sun-exposed complexions require mild but effective treatments to recover: “In an effort to protect itself,” says West Palm Beach, Fla., dermatologist Kenneth Beer, “the outermost skin cell layer builds up as a result of sun exposure ... Exfoliating cleansers and exfoliators can remove dirt, oil and dead skin, and help bring back skin’s luster.”

Soothe With Serums
Next, apply a superb serum, which works to help stop photoaging, refine wrinkles, reduce blotchiness and calm redness.


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Moisturize and SPF It
These exceptional products are targeted to hydrate, heal and protect sun-damaged skin. Use an SPF over the ones without it for a day.

At Bedtime
Vitamin-rich evening fixers help undo the day’s damage and restore hydration. Now catch some Z’s!

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