Spotlight on Hand Care

Spotlight on Hand Care

Use these tips and treatments to keep the skin of your hands smooth and youthful.

We’re pretty tough on our hands. We expect them to take on all kinds of abuse, from being dunked in hot, soapy water to catching the full force of the midday sun while driving. And this happens every day. But at the same time, we also expect to have beautifully soft, even-toned skin.

Hands are the most exposed part of the body. Women often take special care to treat their faces and necks, but hands are sometimes overlooked. The problem with this is that hands are a big giveaway of age. So if you’re having an anti-aging treatment on your face, think about doing your hands as well.

As women age, they experience natural volume loss on the back of their hands, which results in that claw-like look. Combined with a thinning of the skin, veins underneath begin to show through and you end up with that bulging vein look.

It also doesn’t hurt to treat your hands with a little more kindness while you go about your day. Doing dishes and washing your hands with hot water and moisture-stripping soap dries out skin and can leave your hands red, irritated, and even cracked and raw. The easiest way to remedy this is to keep applying a nourishing lotion or cream.

Look for a formulation that locks in moisture but won’t leave a greasy residue — and keep one in key areas like at the kitchen sink, in your purse and in your work desk drawer. Also, try incorporating your hands into your nightly skin-care routine.


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Have a little night cream left on your hands after your nightly application? Rub it into the back of your hands. Doing your weekly exfoliating? Remember your hands could do with exfoliation, too. And of course, use sunscreen. Keep a small tube of sunscreen in your handbag and apply to your hands each time you step outdoors.

Work with your hands. This develops the muscles and reduces the chances of you

ending up with that telltale hollowed effect between the bones as you age.

Just like your face, taking care of the skin on your hands with some prevention and some upkeep can keep them looking fresh, supple and youthful for years.

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