How to Make Sure Your Deodorant Never Fails

Use these tips to make sure you stay fresh and smelling great all day long.

By: Kristin Booker

We've all had it happen. You suddenly catch a whiff of yourself and you realize your deodorant has decided it's done for the day. But have no fear. Secret deodorants scientist and product development manager Susan Biehly-Hulette answers some tough body-odor questions and give us her tips on avoiding any stinky situation.

1. Know the Difference Between Deodorant and Antiperspirant
First of all, there is a difference. Deodorant is designed to stop the odor produced when bacteria gathers when you sweat, while antiperspirant is designed to inhibit sweat production and fight malodorous sweat fumes. Choose your battles wisely and pick the product that's most important to you. I would select one that handles everything — it's best to have your bases covered.

2. Understand Your Body and What it's up Against
Some people simply sweat more than others, but anyone can go from just needing a basic deodorant to calling in the big guns on days when it's extra nasty outside, you're nervous or your hormones are overactive.

If you know you sweat a lot or are susceptible to more odor, try a stronger formula like Secret Clinical Strength Antiperspirant and Deodorant Advanced Solid, which has the highest level of proprietary odor neutralizers allowed over-the-counter.

3. Build a Wardrobe of Deodorants
The daily formula you need varies based on many factors, from the heat and humidity to your workout schedule and how demanding your day may get. But your wardrobe — tank tops, sweaters, T-shirts — can also determine which formula (clear gel vs. regular) is best and what scent works best. This is why it's best to buy different types of deodorants so you can make the best choice for your day.

4. Shaving Helps
According to Biehly-Hulette, the bacteria that cause sweat odors live on human hair. Removing that hair will remove the base on which the bacteria cling and give your deodorant direct access to your sweat glands — where it can get right to work and stay working without any obstruction.

5. Apply Deodorant at Night
This trick is genius. Your body is cooler and more receptive to deodorant at night. Apply it right before you go to sleep and it should be able to handle a normal day without failure, says Biehly-Hulette. If you need a bit of added insurance, apply deodorant again in the morning to handle even the toughest of days.

Do you have a foolproof deodorant trick?

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