How To Turn Back The Clock on Wrinkles

Find out what causes wrinkles and what you can do to reduce these signs of aging.

Let's face it — wrinkles are going to happen. Fine, you say. But let them happen to somebody else. Unjust as they may be, wrinkles are going to visit you, too. 

The most basic acts of living eventually catch up to us and cause wrinkles. If only there was a way we could turn back the clock and return to our former, smoother selves. Let's take a closer look at the clock and see how we can reduce wrinkles.

The hour hand: What causes wrinkles?

As our skin ages, several changes occur. The natural substances that help skin retain moisture are reduced. The rate at which our skin sheds old cells slows down. The network of collagen and elastin supporting the skin degrades. Wrinkles may form as a result of these changes, showing up around our eyes, as furrows on the forehead and as tiny creases around the lips and elsewhere.

The minute hand: What can we do about reducing wrinkles?

  • Apply sunscreen daily, coating all exposed parts, especially your face. Wear sunglasses even in moderate sunlight to reduce squinting.
  • Apply and remove makeup gently. Rubbing and stretching skin can contribute to wrinkles.
  • Don't smoke. Smoking can speed up the aging process, contributing to wrinkles.
  • Sleep on silk. Looking for a reason to upgrade? Silk sheets and pillowcases permit the skin to glide easily and are less likely to put pressure on creased skin.

The second hand: Regenerate without irritation.

Consider an at-home facial treatment: You get the power of a salon treatment right in your home and you can keep enhancing your skin's appearance with skin regenerating cream to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles daily.



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