Simple Habits for Silky Smooth Skin

Give yourself the gift of great skin with these 5 easy tips.

Your skin goes through a lot – gusting wind, beating sun, raspberry kisses from your little ones. And faint crow’s feet are as much a badge of honor as they are a sign of age. But nonetheless, our skin is worth taking care of. Here are some simple tips on how to do it.

1. Day and Night

Using sunscreen during the day and applying the right cream at night are two of the best ways to benefit your skin. Many daily moisturizers have SPF built in. As for nighttime, if you have dry skin, try an emollient cream that protects your skin’s barrier and helps retain moisture. If your skin is on the oilier side, you’ll want a night product that provides anti-aging benefits without clogging pores, like a light serum.

2. Treat Your Eyes Delicately

Eye creams are specially designed to handle the sensitive areas around your eyes, and a little bit goes a long way. When you're applying eye cream, use your little finger – which is weakest and least likely to disrupt the skin and create new wrinkles.

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3. Get Serious about Beauty Rest

Getting enough rest isn’t just for your health. Your skin needs proper amounts of rest to regenerate and renew itself. We know you’re exhausted and sleep deprived already. So rest when you can – while deep sleep and naps are great, just sitting down and relaxing is good too – and you'll notice a difference in your complexion.

4. Exfoliate Regularly

In a perfect world, we'd all head to the aesthetician once a month so our skin could be buffed, massaged, polished and pampered. We know you don’t have time for that, so proper maintenance at home is key. Regular exfoliation will keep your skin smooth, clear and glowing. Choose an exfoliating cleanser to regularly refresh and revitalize your skin.

5. Go Bare-faced

It’s good to let your skin breathe once in a while! If you never wear makeup, you’re in the clear. But if you’re devoted to foundations and tinted moisturizers, give your pores the occasional rest. Your complexion will thank you!


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