Handle with Care: Protecting Your Hands from Winter Wear

Learn how to best protect the part of our bodies we use the most.

Our hands: The most exposed – and overused – part of our bodies. We use them for everything we do, yet we don’t always think to keep them moisturized, soothed and protected.

Where do our hands experience the most wear and tear? The kitchen is one place. We wash dishes, submerging our hands in soapy, warm water; we scrub surfaces and quickly dull a new manicure in the process. Doing dishes and washing your hands with water and moisture-stripping soap dries out skin and can leave your hands red, irritated, and even cracked and raw – especially during the winter months.

As the hardest working part of our bodies, what can we do to pamper them a little more this season?

We obviously can’t stop doing the dishes – but we can protect our hands in the process.

How about wearing kitchen gloves to keep that mani intact a lot longer? If rubber gloves aren’t for you, try washing with Dawn Hand Renewal with Olay Beauty Dish Soap . It helps skin feel softer and more beautiful while also giving you excellent grease fighting power. Be aware and minimize the amount of time your hands are actually submerged in the water each day, to prevent your polish from chipping.

Hydrate and Exfoliate
Don’t let your face, feet or lips get all the love. Try applying lotion multiple times each day, and you’ll notice the soft, supple quality come back to your skin. Work your hand care into your nighttime skin-care routine, and you’ll see and feel a difference.

Tip: Keep a bottle of your in key areas, like at the kitchen sink, in your purse, next to your bed and in your work desk drawer.

Have you been exfoliating your face every week? Remember, your hands could use a little exfoliation, too. Sloughing off dry, dead skin will help resurface those hands for a smoother look and feel.

Nourish and Protect
As we age, our hands can change. Your skin may become darker in areas, veiny or bulging. Our skin thins over time and the volume on the back of the hands decreases. So, how can you work to minimize these effects? Keep working with your hands. This develops the muscles and keeps them strong.

Baby your hands a little bit. Wear warm gloves in the fall and winter to prevent drying and chapping. Whether the sun is shining or not, don’t skip sunscreen. Keep a small tube of sunscreen in your handbag and apply to your hands each time you step outdoors.

We expect a lot from our hands. Just like your face, taking care of the skin on your hands with some prevention and upkeep can keep them looking fresh, supple and help you maintain that manicure.



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