5 Office-Friendly Halloween Costumes

Working on Halloween? Here are five office-friendly costume ideas!

By: Aly Walansky

Halloween was a lot simpler when it was acceptable to show up at recess as Wonder Woman. Now that you are a working woman, putting together a look for October 31 is a little more challenging, as it involves balancing creativity and professionalism. Here are five ideas for office-friendly costumes.

1. Retro Chic
Avoid wearing anything that is too cumbersome, as you will still need to sit at your desk and do your job. If you are a cubicle dweller, for example, this is not the time to break out the hoop skirt. Instead, get into character — and look chic, too — by channeling the ’60s or the flapper era.

Want to try this look on a budget? Create a cat eye and a bold lip, throw on a pencil skirt, and — voila! — you’re a retro librarian.

2. Go Vamp
The vampire craze continues, and let’s face it, it will probably never end. An easy way to make this trend work-appropriate is with special-effects contact lenses. You can find pretty much any kind of crazy contact lens at specialty stores — gold, blood red, blue, zombie-pupiled, the options go on and on. Lenses are simple, fast and will have everyone staring. (In a good way, of course.)

3. Get Graphic
Want to channel your inner flower child or show off your biker-chic alter ego? Put on some temporary tattoos. They cost less than the price of a latte and are fun to try. The best part? They wash right off, getting you back to office norm in no time.

4. Get Royal
Be a queen for a day and don an old-school royal wig and a corset top or long, Victorian-style dress. Bring in a kettle and some bags, and invite your co-workers for a spot of tea. Remain prim and proper throughout the day.

5. Fashion Victim
A playful way to be stylish is to poke fun at the not-so-stylish by dressing as a fashion victim. This can mean anything you want it to be. Just choose your favorite faux pas and embody it. Is it big hair? A horribly orange fake tan? The world is your oyster!

Aly is the senior editor of LovingYou.com, beauty and fashion editor for MyGloss.com, a style columnist for SheKnows.com as well as a contributor to publications ranging from Huffington Post to About.com. New Beauty Magazine and Star Magazine have rated her one of the top beauty bloggers on the web.


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