6 Ways to a “New” Wardrobe

Before you splurge for a new wardrobe, use these tips to breathe new life into items you already own!

Do you get the urge to shop till you drop every time the season changes? Before you hit the mall – or scour the internet for online deals (someone has to watch the little ones) – you can discover a “new” wardrobe in your closet, just in time for a new year of trying new things.

Tip: To freshen up those older pieces that may have been sitting for a while, add Downy Liquid Fabric Conditioner to your laundry load – it will keep your fabrics soft and conditioned before working them back into your wardrobe.

1. Belt it
You used to love that loose-fitting dress, but now it just seems baggy. Don’t bury it – belt it! Wide belts can turn dresses, blouses and skirts from shapeless to chic in a second. Or try a medium-width belt that sits low at your hips for a different silhouette.

A sophisticated way to turn an old cardigan into something special is to add a colorful, shiny, skinny belt – or maybe go for an animal print – which really makes solid colors pop. Layer your new look over a button-down or comfy t-shirt and get ready to fall in love with that sweater all over again.

2. Take it to the Tailor
From boot-cut to ankle length and above-the-knee to maxi, every year designers keep us guessing where hemlines will hit. But that doesn’t mean you must cast off your favorite pair of perfectly worn-in jeans in favor of the latest length.

A good tailor should be able to work some magic. Same goes for jackets – the blazer that you once loved shouldn’t waste away in the closet just because the shape is passé. A few simple alterations can make it current and cute. Grab a few of your favorite pieces and see what a tailor can do to recycle old favorites from your closest into a new wardrobe.

3. Scarf Variations
Patterned scarves are great for dressing up a solid dress or a simple t-shirt. Got a handbag in need of some oomph? Tie on a geometric-patterned scarf for an instant pop of color. And don’t underestimate what changing your hair can do for your entire look – reuse clothes by wrapping a silk scarf around a messy bun, or trade a scarf for your headband by folding it into a long rectangle and tying underneath at the nape.

4. Do a Clothing Swap
If you and a friend share the same sense of style, propose a clothing swap on a temporary or permanent basis. She might be just as eager as you are to open her closet and see some “new” stuff hanging there. Start by going through your wardrobe and gathering quality clothes in good condition you wish to part with, and have your friend do the same. Then make a date to meet with potential castoffs in hand and do the deal for a quick wardrobe change. Got more than one friend who might be interested? The more, the merrier!

5. Make a Statement
The right jewelry can turn up the wow factor of any outfit. Add a statement piece like a cuff bracelet, oversized cocktail ring or colorful beaded necklace to basic jeans and t-shirts. Step out of your fashion comfort zone and swap drop earrings for studs, long necklaces for short, or add a new watch that isn’t just functional, but fashion forward.

And consider changing your eyeglass frames – if you think back to the last time you did so, chances are you’ll be surprised how long you’ve been wearing the same ones.

6. Spruce up Your Shoes
Before investing in new shoes, take stock of what you have in your closet. Clean, polish and repair any shoes that need it – new heels and soles can extend the life of your footwear by a couple of years.

With a little creativity and imagination, you can potentially wear the same outfits and look completely different! What tricks of the fashion trade do you use?


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