12 Ways to Instantly Look 5 Pounds Thinner

12 Ways to Instantly Look 5 Pounds Thinner

“Slim down” instantly with these 12 quick and easy tips for a thinner silhouette.

By: Angie Cox

Looking to wow your friends at your next girls night out? A slimmer looking you is just a step away. Follow these 12 tips for a thinner look and a boost of confidence wherever you need it the most.

1. Wear the Right Bra
Most American women do not wear the correct bra size. Women tend to go too small in the cup and too wide in the band, so be sure to have professional bra fittings annually. You'll be amazed at how the correct bra size accentuates your waistline by giving you curves in all the right places.

2. Wear Shapewear
Although shapewear isn’t exactly comfortable, it slims the silhouette by smoothing out lumps and bumps. Save it for special occasions and hear the compliments come your way.

3. Wear Tailored Clothing
Tight clothes constrict to your body. You want form-fitting, flattering clothes — garments that define your waistline and hint at your curves. Wear your clothes tight enough that people can see you are a woman and loose enough so that they know you’re a lady.

4. Wear a V-neck
The shape of the "V" draws attention to a defined waistline, breaks up the heaviness of a larger chest and elongates the neck. A revere collar blazer paired with a collared shirt, left unbuttoned at the top, achieves the same V-effect.

5. Get a Haircut
Having your hair cut into a flattering style is a great feeling. The right haircut can elongate your face and have a slimming effect on your look.

6. Wear an Outfit with Low Color Contrast
Low color contrast from head to toe emphasizes your long, lean line. Creating bold, colorful blocks between your top and bottom half can look fun and attractive, but the effect is always more horizontally cutting and therefore less slimming.


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7. Wear Sturdier Fabrics
Skirts, dresses, jeans, trousers and jackets made of weightier fabrics have better drape, which automatically narrows the silhouette.

8. Play up Your Best Features
Make the nicest part of your body the focal point of your outfit. Shorter skirts are great for gorgeous legs, sleeveless tops and dresses show off well-toned arms and waist-cinching belts do wonders for small waistlines.

9. Wear Heels
Pair heels with tailored jeans and trousers. Flared jeans and trouser hems should almost skim the surface of the ground to fit at the perfect length. Wear heels with this look and you just added a few inches to your height. Height slims down curves.

10. Leave Your Jacket Unbuttoned
This creates a slimming vertical line down the center front of the body.

11. Wear Statement Accessories
Wearing chunky jewelry and carrying an oversized bag takes attention away from other parts of the body. This is more effective than you might think!

12. Stand up Straight
Good posture goes a long way.

Of course, nothing beats a healthy lifestyle when it comes to being in shape, but if you need to slim down between now and your next night out, one or more of these quick tips might do the trick.

Angie is a Seattle-based fashion stylist with almost two decades of experience in fashion as a designer, a specialist ladieswear buyer and a trend consultant. In 2006, Angie co-founded YouLookFab, which allows her to reach a much wider audience with practical advice on personal style.

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