4 Common Beauty Mistakes to Stop Now

4 Common Beauty Mistakes to Stop Now

Avoid these 4 everyday slip-ups to stay on top of your beauty game.

By: Audrey Fine

We all know that little missteps like not getting enough sleep can wreak havoc on both our health and our looks. But what about those sneaky, less obvious things we don't even know are harming us?

We asked three industry experts to help us see the errors of our collective ways and set us straight on some very widespread beauty faux pas. Follow this sage advice and you'll rest easy knowing that — at long last — you're doing right by your beauty regimen.

1. Not Brushing Your Hair Before Shampooing
Running a brush through your hair before you get into the shower may sound like a big waste of time, but the few moments it takes can make a world of difference. Just ask stylist and "Shear Genius" contestant Janine Jarman, who works on celebs like Fergie and Scarlett Johansson.

"Jumping into the shower with a head full of tangles only worsens the problem," Jarman says. "Brushing your hair with a soft brush before you wash your hair distributes natural oils and makes detangling after washing a breeze."

2. Not Changing Your Mascara
Sure, it can get expensive, but tossing mascara that's past its prime is of paramount importance.

"A typical mascara is formulated to last three to six months," says Los Angeles-based makeup artist Charli Schuler Rousseau, "but most people hang on to them much longer either to save money or because they're lazy."

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So,what's the big deal? "The longer you use mascara, the more bacteria gets trapped in the tube. This breaks down the formula, which leads to clumping and flaking and the risk of an (painful and unattractive) eye infection."


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3. Wearing a Messy Bun
But wait, aren't buns really on trend this fall? Yes. Ruining your hair to get the look is never in style, though.

"Continually wadding your hair up and binding it with a rubber band/clip causes kinks in porous hair and makes it look trashed," Jarman says. So what's the solution?

"Try putting your hair in a high ponytail then gently wrapping the tail around the base of the band and securing with pins," Jarman recommends.

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4. Storing Beauty Products in Hot Places
How many times have you seen “Store in a cool, dry place” words on a beauty product — only to summarily erase them from your consciousness?

"When products get too hot, the consistency and effectiveness of their formulas change," says Rousseau. "Your sunscreen won't protect you as well, your hairspray won't work (and may explode) and your makeup will become a breeding ground for bacteria — or just melt."

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