4 Surprising Ways Your Makeup Can Influence Your Mood

4 Surprising Ways Your Makeup Can Influence Your Mood

One lipstick shade will energize you, while a different polish color can help you focus.

By Lorraine Allen

For decades, psychologists have been studying the powerful connection between colors and feelings. For instance, they’ve looked at what color walls might make office workers more or less productive, or whether the color red might make people move faster. All this research shows that colors can, in fact, change our moods. This connection is especially relevant to women, given that we often color our faces with makeup before going out to face the world. We even color the nails on our hands and feet, which we see all day long. Here are four surprising ways we can use the colors in our makeup to influence our mood.

Stay cool, calm, and collected: Feeling stressed out? Try applying a little white eye liner, mixed with a blue, before heading out. In a large, recent Dutch study, the colors white, green, and light blue were shown to induce calm, quiet moods. (Meanwhile, red and black were the colors least associated with feeling calm, so avoid them when you’re in need of some peace and quiet.) Turns out this trick is on-trend, too. All shades of blue have made a big splash in nail salons lately. I love the way blue nails remind me of swimming pools, beach days, and summer rain.

Get energized: The colors that are associated by far the most with energy and fast action are red, orange, and yellow. So, if you’re looking to put some bounce back in your step, go for a red or orange-red lipstick, hair dye, or nail polish. It only takes a bit of color to make a bold statement and change moods. Steer clear of dark blue, lilac, brown and gray makeup, as these colors were identified as feeling the least lively.

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Focus: If you want to concentrate and feel focused, you can rely on white, blue, light blue, and gray to help you. Eye shadows in these colors work well for the office. Avoid orange, pink, and lilac, though. Research shows these are considered more distracting.

Be inspired: If you’re looking for inspiration, try applying some orange, red, violet, or yellow shades. You can even get creative with how you use these. Maybe mix a couple of shadow colors (for example, a buttery gold wash with violet in the crease) to create an unusual, fresh look. Or have fun with your toes and paint them in rainbow colors to inspire you for a week or two.


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Have you noticed a connection between your mood and any makeup colors you use?

Lorraine Allen is a writer, and mom and personal chef to one spunky 6-year-old girl with severe food allergies. You can enjoy their delicious recipes and follow their amusing family cooking adventures at Feeding Lina.

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