4 Tricks to Organizing Your Beauty Products

4 Tricks to Organizing Your Beauty Products

Store and organize your favorite beauty products with these easy and creative tips.

By: Nadine Jolie

As a beauty lover, it's far too easy to accumulate a wide array of products. From pencils and brushes, to lipsticks and blushes, eye shadows, foundations, concealers — you get the picture. It can be nearly impossible to limit ourselves, but that doesn’t mean we have to allow clutter into our beauty routine.

To simplify your makeup application and easily find your favorite products, here are a few recommendations for repurposing everyday items and keeping your makeup neat and tidy.

1. Mason Jar Brush Holder
Makeup brushes scattered all over is not only annoying and inefficient — it can also be unsanitary! You want to use clean brushes when applying makeup to your face, not ones that are being mixed up with a whole bunch of products.

Stash your brushes in a mason jar for easy access and cleanliness. Check out our mason jar decoration ideas for design inspiration.

Tip: Fill the jar with whole coffee beans to keep your brushes in place (and aromatic).

2. Perfume Art
Get a pretty, old-fashioned serving tray and display all of your perfumes and body lotions on it. Not only is it beautiful, but it also ensures that you'll have soft, fragrant skin in an instant. When you have easy access to products, you're much more likely to use them.

3. Eye Shadow and Accessories Magnet Board
Do you have scores of single eyeshadow pots? Or too many bobby pins and hair ties hanging around? Use your medicine cabinet, or create a crafty magnet board, to organize items in magnetic containers.

For larger items, simply glue a magnet to the back of each product — or you can use magnetic tape strips — and place the product on the metal backing of your cabinet.

For your own magnet board, take a fitted sheet of metal, place it inside an old frame and hang it on your wall for all your hues and pods to be displayed.

4. Boxed Nail Polish
Use an old shoebox to store your favorite polishes. Place them in the box neatly, standing up and arrange them by color. For extra organization, you can use pieces of paper or cardboard to separate each shade.

To always easily find your color of choice, dip a fresh cotton swab into each your polishes and dot the tops of their lids. Allow to dry, then store under your sink until your next mani/padi.

Tip: For drawer storage, save the tops of small boxes and then arrange them — puzzle like — upside down in your drawers. This will allow you to separate your makeup and see the items at a glance.

If you only have one or two items in your makeup bag, we salute you and would love to hear your minimalistic advice. How do you store your makeup?

Nadine is a former beauty editor, the author of two beauty books, a Los Angeles resident, has appeared as a beauty expert on Today, Tyra, CNN and MSNBC, and teaches beauty classes. She has written for Lucky, Cosmopolitan and Jane and is a beauty contributor to VanityFair.com. You can find her at her website ‪Nadine Jolie.


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