5 Easy Ways to Feel Glamorous

5 Easy Ways to Feel Glamorous

Beat the winter blues by glamming up with these 5 tips and tricks.

Feel confident and glamorous by trying one of these five tricks. From sprucing up your look to treating yourself to a small indulgence, these ideas are sure to make you feel at the top of your game.

1. Wear Red Lipstick
Red lipstick can be daunting , but don’t let it be! If you’re a first-timer, try a red tint rather than a solid color; the transparency makes it easier to wear. If your skin has a yellow undertone, wear warm reds (orangey reds). If you have a pink undertone, wear cool reds (blue reds).

Tip: Learn more about the right color for your lips with our guide.

2. Paint Your Nails
It may seem simple, but a fresh coat of paint on your nails is the easiest way to feel glamorous. Try a shade you normally wouldn't or go out and purchase a new bottle of polish to treat yourself. Try CoverGirl XL Nail Gel for a new color (no topcoat required!)

Tip: Paint your nails in the evening and don’t worry about painting over the cuticles. Afterward, lightly rub a little cuticle oil over the nails. The next morning, rub off the “mistakes” in the shower; they will lift away effortlessly. Then just add a topcoat.

3. Color Your Hair
Sometimes a new hair color is just the change you need to feel all glammed up. Try a new shade to spice things up, or just match your natural color. Either way, coloring your hair can make you feel fashionable, chic and stylish. It’s easy to do at home and is a very affordable option.

Tip: Be mindful of your roots when coloring or touching up your hair. Clairol Nice n’ Easy Root Touch-Up gives your hair color a boost, covering roots and grays anytime between regular colorings.

Tip: Before you start coloring your hair, consult our guide to choosing the right color for your skin tone.

4. Treat Yourself to a Spa Day
Nothing is more glamorous than being pampered. Even if you don’t have time to commit an entire day to relaxing at the spa, spending an hour getting a massage or popping into the nail salon for a manicure will make you feel special and glamorous.

5. Mix and Match Jewelry and Accessories
There’s no better way to glam up than accessorizing with your favorite jewelry! Pair those shiny earrings with a cute bracelet and high heels. Slip on those strappy sandals that go perfectly with that cute necklace and headband — the possibilities are endless!

What’s your favorite way to feel glamorous? Share your tips and tricks with the community in the comments section below!


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