5 Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet

5 Halloween Costumes Already in Your Closet

No need to go out and buy a costume this year — you probably have these 5 already!

By: Lindsey Goldenberg

1. Medusa
Eye makeup is key to monster costume — as well as green, gold, and brown clothes and accessories. Pair a long sundress with gloves and metallic boots. You'll want to heavily line your eyes and then curl and tease your hair before strategically pinning gummy worms throughout it to emulate the famous snakes that adorned Medusa’s head.

2. Vampire
The only accessory you'll need to buy is a set of vampire teeth from a Halloween store or even the costume aisle in your grocery store.

Paired with a burgundy dress, black cape, red lipstick and sky-high heels, you'll be the chicest vampire this side of Transylvania.

3. Zombie Bride
Live happily ever after — and after and after — as a zombie bride who has waited an eternity to say "I do."

Take an old white dress, gloves and old-fashioned white pumps. Turn it ghoulish with dark eyeliner (to make your eyes look zombie-worthy) and splashes of red food coloring.

You'll be ready to walk down the aisle to look for your next victim!


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4. Fiendish Fab
Get out your best red dress for this costume. The only props you'll need to get are a red horns headband and a pitchfork. Paired with red heels and a black-fringed wrap, you'll look like an angel in a devil's disguise.

5. Cat
Turn your LBD into the perfect Halloween costume. A black scarf tied around your waist (That's your tail!), animal-print flats and cute headband with cat ears are a mix worth meowing for.

Makeup tip: Add whiskers and a nose with black eyeliner. Set it with powder, and you're ready to go!

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