5 Spring Beauty Trends Worth Trying

5 Spring Beauty Trends Worth Trying

Look your best this spring with these 5 beauty trends that complement the season.

By: Karen Kozlowski

1. Black and White
You can find this accessible spring runway trend right in your own closet — and look great at the office and carpool line to boot. In high demand this season, black and white are the most favored (and dynamic) duo. Be it geometric print suits, a color-blocked dress or separate pieces, designers have used the color combination in a big way, with options to suit every shape, style and savings account. Simply pair a crisp white button-up with black skinny jeans or a pencil skirt along with a black leather jacket or blazer.

2. Sheer
Save this trend for after office hours — and definitely off the playground. See-through fabrics like silk chiffon and organza were a focal point in many of the season’s collections to both a sexy and ethereal effect. While sheer has appeared on everything from jackets to skirts and even pants, this transparent look is most wearable with dresses and tops. Try layering something sheer over other pieces of clothing — a see-through shirt over a camisole, for example — to get the look without the big reveal.

3. White
A classic warm-weather color, white looks especially right after a long winter of wearing dark colors. And, this spring, white is in the spotlight. Fashion’s current passion for the pale calls for going big on white — that is, from head to toe. If wearing white top to bottom feels like too much — or too easy for little ones to stain—try accessories such as an oversize bag, glam sunglasses or a statement cuff finish of the look. You also can try a white bag to update your standard uniform of jeans and — if you dare — a white tee.

4. Mixed Prints
Collage has never looked as chic and sophisticated as it does in this season’s offering of artfully mixed patterns and textures that were shown on a multitude of spring runways. Designers took the guesswork out of patchwork by creating dresses and other pieces featuring a stylish mélange of prints and fabrics that will punch up a closet full of solids. As a rule of thumb, mix big with small prints — for example, a pinstripe shirt with a bolder floral pattern jean or jacket. However, if you’re a minimalist at heart you may want to sit this trend out and leave the patchwork to your quilts.


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5. Stripes
The spring fashion lineup saw a healthy dose of stripes—the bigger, the bolder, the better. And, while there were plenty of head-to-toe looks, most women will find it easier to take on the straight and narrow one piece at a time. Try mixing striped blazers or jackets with your tried-and-true denim. Or try striped skinny jeans to add zing to a solid tee and sneakers.

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