5 Steps to Looking Great in a Hurry

5 Steps to Looking Great in a Hurry

Replace your go-to regimen with this five-minute routine and look great every day.

Some mornings, it’s hard to even find time to breathe, let alone put on some makeup. But with this foolproof five-minute, five-product guide, no one will ever know you were in a rush!

Step 1: Concealer
Use a concealer that reflects light and brightens the skin. Find one that’s easy to apply and start your process by dabbing some below your eyes and nostrils and gently rub it in.

Step 2: Eyelash Curler
An eyelash curler gives you an immediate open look — even if you don't apply any eye makeup after use. Curling your eyelashes takes less than 30 seconds, so it’s definitely a must for busy moms.

Step 3: Mascara
A layer of mascara to your curled eyelashes adds a pretty dramatic effect. Start at the root of your eyelashes and zigzag the brush out to the ends for a beautiful, natural look.

Step 4: Blush
Try a pink cream blush for a healthy and natural look. Apply just a little below your cheekbone and rub it upwards and outwards to get a beautiful glow. A little pink cream blush will give you a fresh, radiant look like no other cosmetic can.

Step 5: Lipgloss
Last but not least, lipgloss. A shiny lipgloss totally completes your look. Gentle pink tones and nudes are perfect for during the day.


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hese are certainly great beginning steps to looking great. It is a great stepping stone to try other ways of looking great. I started in small steps as well.Sometimes we just need simple steps and we look great. #PGEChallenge

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As a women, make-up has always been part of my daily routine. I would always wear make-up everyday to school. When I have very little time to get ready to do my make-up, my go-to product I love using is tinted moisturizer because its quick and there is no brush needed. I just use my hands to apply the product on my face and it gives me a smooth finish and light coverage. I would always use this technique whenever I have very little time to get ready #PGEChallenge.

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A great must have for me is a good bb cream or tinted moisturizer! I also have an extra pair of mascara, blush, eyelash curler, and moisturizer with me that I can put in my purse or backpack! You'd be surprised how fast you can beautify your face at an extra long stop light or quick trip to the restroom! Ps. Don't drive and put on make up! :) #PGEChallenge

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If you're really pale...blush is a great way to bring warmth to the face.. great for moms on the go #PGEChallenge Also..if you're in a super hurry and want to look like you tried... mascara and lip gloss are a must :) Great tips!!!

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Love these tips! Definitely going to try some out! #PGEChallenge

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