5 Things You Should Know on Your Wedding Day

5 Things You Should Know on Your Wedding Day

Newlywed or not, here are the top five things you should know on your wedding day.

By: Karen Walrond

Ah, weddings: just the word conjures up images of beautiful bouquets, immaculate

gowns, stolen glances and love in the air. At least that’s what comes to mind if you’re not in the middle of planning a wedding. For a bride-to-be, however, the conjured images may waver. If you’re engaged and your wedding day fast approaches, it’s possible you might be having nightmares of passive-aggressive mothers-of-the-bride, weird uncles, late groomsmen and ruined wedding cakes.

There, there, my nervous friend: Those of us who’ve made it down the aisle and lived to tell the tale will assure you that on that day, as long as you share the “I do’s” with the one you love, that’s all that matters. Nonetheless, in the event that my words are of any comfort, I took to my Facebook page and asked the experts (a.k.a my friends) their best advice: What’s the one thing a bride should know on her wedding day?

The responses came in fast and furious — everyone was full of good counsel. And so, thanks to the generosity of these old hands, here are the top five things I’ve gathered that you should know on your wedding day.

1. Remember, It’s About the People, Not the Details
More than one person advised to make sure to stop and take in the scene at your wedding (more easily said than done, since you’ll be busy greeting everyone at the reception). As my friend Lorissa said, “Don't get bogged down and stressed about things no one will care about and you'll hardly remember in 10 years. Flowers aren't exactly perfect? Who cares! DJ is a little late? So what! People are there to celebrate with you! Enjoy it.”


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My friend Jessica agreed.

“Someone advised me to pause, look around the room and take a deep, deep breath: All of those people are there to celebrate love, to celebrate a hopeful future and to celebrate YOU. … I can still be completely filled by that thought and the feeling of gratitude, support and loving kindness that came with that simple ritual,” she wrote. “And I am still so thankful all those people were in that room on that day.”

2. Steal Away With Your New Spouse
At my wedding, I remember I barely saw my husband. I was so busy making sure everyone was having fun, as was he. Don’t make our mistake. Another friend shared: “In the midst of the craziness, try to steal a few minutes alone with your new husband (or wife) in a beautiful spot and trade some officially married-folk smooches. It remains one of my very favorite memories of the day.”

3. Some Practical Advice: Think About Your Underwear
You think I’m talking about wearing something alluring for your new spouse, aren’t you? Not a bit. As my friend DeVonna advised, “Wear comfortable underwear.” Wedding dresses are a bit of a pain to maneuver in and uncomfortable underwear can make it so much worse. (True story: I actually had bra cups sewn into my wedding dress so I didn’t have to wear a bra. Best wardrobe decision I’ve ever made.)

4. Don’t Forget to Eat
Several friends mentioned this: The truth is that guests are going to be so busy trying to hug you and give you well-wishes that it might be really difficult to actually sit down and have a meal! My friend Grace suggested even eating something prior to the wedding so at least you have something in your stomach. It’s a good idea, really.

5. And Finally, Some Advice for After the Wedding
In the spirit of starting early with best practices, my friend Jen suggested, “Always steal the side of the bed farthest from the door. The kids will still eventually find you, but it will take them longer.”

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