5 Tricks to Make You Look like You’ve Gotten 8 Hours of Sleep

5 Tricks to Make You Look like You’ve Gotten 8 Hours of Sleep

Didn’t get your beauty rest? Here are five ways to fake it. (We won’t tell.)

By: Amber Katz

Between juggling all of life’s demands, a long holiday to-do list and working in an “always-on” career, I'm no stranger to sacrificing sleep. And when ladies lose that much-needed beauty sleep, we fall victim to dark under-eye circles, skin sallowness and general dullness.

But there are tricks to faking beauty sleep!

Here are five tips to help you look more rested than you really are. (Bonus: If you’re headed to a holiday party after work, use these tips to refresh and enhance your makeup look.)

1. Brightening Eye Cream
A dry, heavy concealer will exacerbate lines and darkness more than a tinted brightening eye cream will. If you want a bit more coverage, mix some foundation into the eye cream to cover up those dark circles.


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2. Pink Blush
It's such a simple, easy trick: Pink powder blush makes you look awake and alive, even if you're on your second latte of the morning before 10 a.m.

3. Black Liquid Liner
An easy way to look alert is with a swipe of liquid liner along your top lashes. A regular pencil just won't garner the same level of fancy and doesn’t look as sharp. Liquid liner is a great evening add-on to regular daytime makeup, especially if you’re headed to a holiday party.

4. Highlight
A little highlighter can go a long way to bring out your best features when you're feeling slightly lackluster. Take a shimmery cream shadow and use your finger to apply it to the bridge of the nose, on the cupid's bow (the dip in your top lip) and on the brow bones before blending with a makeup sponge. Instant radiance.

5. Pink Pout
A bold pout works better when your skin is in top condition. I've found that a dusty pink rose-colored lipstick applied to the lip by tapping it on with a finger is the most natural and understated way to look polished when you've been burning the candle at both ends.

What’s your number one trick for disguising tired skin?

Amber is a freelance writer and the founder of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a
hilarious pop-culture infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hairspray. Amber has written for Instyle.com, MTV.com's Buzzworthy blog, New York Press and Girlfriend Getaways magazine.

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