Quiz: What Shade of Spring Pink is for You?

Quiz: What Shade of Spring Pink is for You?

Take this short quiz and see if you should switch it up and try a new shade of pink this year!

Pink works quite well for a range of complexions. It imparts a healthy, universally flattering glow that complements both warm and cool skin tones. Whether you prefer bright pinks that pop or soft peachy colors, take the quiz and figure out what shade works best for you.

1. What’s Your Favorite Spring Activity?
A) Anything outside! I love taking nature walks, riding bikes and being active in the great outdoors.
B) Stopping to smell the flowers. Everything is so alive in spring.
C) Spring means refreshing everything. From the house to your wardrobe, spring is the time to start fresh!

2. What’s Your Favorite Spring Flower?
A) Fuchsia. They add the perfect pops of color.
B) Calla Lilly, for sure. The soft, dainty color is gorgeous.
C) Petunias. You know spring has arrived when you see these popping up.

3. What’s Your Favorite Spring Fashion Accessory?
A) Sun dresses! Sunny, colorful and versatile, you can’t wait to break these out for the season.
B) Headbands! It’s the easiest way to add a touch of color without going overboard.
C) Jewelry! Jewelry! Jewelry! Spring is the perfect season to grab some new accessories.

4. You’re Heading out for a Night on the Town — What Lipstick Shade do You Use?
A) Deep red. Classic.
B) Au natural! I prefer a simple, classic look.
C) It depends on where we’re going!


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5. Finish the Sentence: The best part of spring is ____.
A) Warmer weather.
B) Sunshine!
C) We’re only a few months away from summer fun!


Mostly A’s: Fuchsia is the way to go for you!

Mostly B’s: Try pastels this year!

Mostly C’s: You’re adventurous and ready to change things up! Go with a deep shade of pink to really know you’re wearing it.

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