6 Wardrobe Essentials for Timeless Style

6 Wardrobe Essentials for Timeless Style

Discover six essentials you can apply to your wardrobe that will never go out of style.    

"If you look good, you feel confident, happy and optimistic. And you will spread that along to everyone you meet," says Charla Krupp, author, fashion editor and speaker.

"Women need no-brainer pieces," says Krupp. "We have a lot going on in our lives. It's a challenge to put pieces together all the time.

1. The Dress

Feminine and essential, the dress is easy to slip on, zip up and be done with it. "Your go-to dress does not have to be black," recommends Krupp. "Dresses are so chic, and they're easy because you don't have to think about two different pieces. If you're going to your child's school, a neighborhood meeting or to see a doctor, you'll look ready for anything in a dress."

2. The White Shirt

A white shirt is always professional and can easily be dressed up or down. Try a classic cut for everyday beauty or ruffles around the neck for a romantic twist. Look for darts at the waist for instant slimming.

3. The Black Pencil Skirt

"A great pencil skirt in black is a good look if you're going to work," says Krupp. "And if it fits well, it will be slimming." Krupp recommends dressing it up with a V-neck sweater, white blouse or jacket.

4. The Tailored Coat

One piece you might wear often is your jacket, so it's worthwhile to find one with style. A belted trench coat offers a timeless look on any figure. This season, numerous options in bright and bold colors will be available. Find an affordable one and wear with neutrals, darks or colors that don't clash.


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5. The Long Cardigan

Skinny and long, the cardigan is an essential style staple that also helps you stay warm and cozy. Choose fabrics that are light for a smooth drape. Wear over a blouse or go without. Make sure it covers your rear and choose a neutral shade.

6. The Black Pump

A pair of classic pumps can make dressing a snap. Choose a quality pair that is comfortable enough to wear often and a heel that is wide enough for walking around town. Shine them regularly so they are always ready to go.

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