6 Tips for a Quick Morning Beauty Routine

6 Tips for a Quick Morning Beauty Routine

Discover six tips for a quick morning makeup routine.

By: Cindy Bokma

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with clear, poreless skin that appears to be carved out of marble. Most of us wake up in the morning with red spots, dark eye circles and skin that’s in desperate need of new life.

Many of us would like to spend an entire hour getting that face ready to leave home each morning. But who has that kind of time?

We’ve put together a few tips for getting your face looking radiant and ready to go — fast.

1. Cleanse
First, be sure to cleanse your skin. This can be as simple as splashing cold water on your face to reduce puffiness around the eyes or using a bit of creamy cleanser to remove last night’s serums or lotions. (You are washing your face every night before going to bed, right?) Olay’s Skin Smoothing Cream Scrub contains a gentle exfoliant that leaves skin with a lovely glow.

2. Prime and protect
After cleansing and using a moisturizer, apply a primer, BB or CC cream. These products are all great for softening the appearance of fine lines, hiding large pores and smoothing out the complexion. Sun protection — even in the fall — is also a very important step in any skin care routine, so you should find a moisturizing cream that you like with SPF. There are also plenty of moisturizers that contain SPF.


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3. Apply a Light Foundation
Heavy foundations tend to seep into lines and wrinkles, which only makes us look older. Heavy makeup can also make the skin appear oily. So skip the heavy foundation and use something light and fresh. A product that gives the face a hint of quick color is perfect to even out the complexion. Dab the foundation all over the face and blend.

4. Conceal
If you have a few spots that need some cover-up, use a small brush to apply concealer. Good tools are essential, whether you are applying full-face makeup or just adding a few dabs. A tiny bit of concealer dotted onto a pimple, then set with powder, is all you need to cover unsightly spots. If you need to conceal under-eye circles, gently dab concealer under your eyes and blend!

5. Apply Color
Now that your skin looks flawless, it’s time for a bit of color. For the most natural look, I love a good cream blush. Bonus: You can use these cream blushes for lip color, too. If you’re going with the natural look, skip the lipstick and use a gloss. It will add some light, sheer color and a hint of shine, while keeping your lips hydrated.

6. Mascara
I love mascara — it’s one of my must-haves on a daily basis. It takes very little time to apply and can make a huge difference in making you look awake, alert and fresh. I like a natural look that won’t clump or run.

Now look in the mirror and smile. You’re ready for the day ahead!

Cindy grew up in New Jersey and now lives in southern California with her family. At a very young age, she was obsessed with Marilyn Monroe, which probably shaped her love for beauty products and Hollywood. Cindy runs Hello Dollface, a beauty review website featuring the best brands and products on the market.

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This routine looks very manageable. I'm going to definitely try it out.

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I can't wait to try this routine! I don't work so the majority of the time I don't even apply make-up, I feel like I'm wasting it if I'm not going anywhere! But I also hate looking like s*** if someone pops in. This routine seems to be quick, easy and effortless.

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