All About Makeup Primers

All About Makeup Primers

Discover the “magic” of makeup primers and how it can keep you looking great all day long.

By: Nuy Cho

When you think of makeup primers, you may initially think, "I don't have time for that extra step." But priming is actually a simple, greatly beneficial trick you can add to your beauty routine to help amplify your best look — all day long.

Priming helps to give your skin a more youthful glow, and gives your makeup incredible lasting power and finish. With the new primers, you may even get skin nourishing, hydrating, and anti-aging benefits too.

So how does priming really work? Think of the way a painter primes his canvas before applying color. The priming agent is what ensures his paints look as illustrious as possible. How? By filling in all the rough areas in the surface. The same goes for your makeup.

Primer essentially creates the smoothest base layer of skin for you. It tightens pores, creating an even layer of skin that holds and embraces your foundation, eye shadows, blushes, and everything else, throughout the day. This is exactly why makeup artists swear by them, particularly for red-carpet events. If you always wondered how all those starlets' shimmering cheeks and skin managed to stay in check until 3 a.m. on Oscar night, now you know. It's not magic. It's primer!


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I have several kinds of primers, and I rely on them all. The ones I keep at the front of my vanity, for a quick grab, are the ones that have the added pluses, like antioxidants, and double as moisturizers. I'm a mom on the run, so any product that assists with my constant multitasking is a winner. I rely on primers to get me through those 12-hour days where I've got the full makeup regalia on. And your primer will do the same for you. Think of it as your rock-solid under-layer, helping to hold everything in place, like a friend would.

So why not give the priming a try? The results may be too rich to refuse.

Born and raised in Honolulu but now living in Manhattan, Nuy started her work in fashion then moved to People and InStyle magazines. Her philosophy: Being a mom doesn't mean you have to throw out the beauty, and shortcuts always help! Find her at her blog:

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tjordiso, ...I know you weren't asking me but I am new to the primers...tried several expensive ones, a couple cheaper but my must have no matter what now is the monistat anti chaffing gel (this isn't used to treat yeast infections...its to protect skin, same ingredients as a few high end primers, almost exactly on goes on like airy velvet..its slick but not oily at all..dries to a silky clear ..not bulky either to carry it with you, not that you'd need it more than once a day

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What kind of primer do you recommend?

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