Behind the Scenes of the #EverydayEffect

Behind the Scenes of the #EverydayEffect

Learn the story behind the #EverydayEffect and see how P&G products embody the idea.

It’s always nice to be reminded that you can single-handedly make a positive impact on your family. Whether it’s a smile, a hug or simply saying “Thank you,” the smallest things can change your whole day.

On June 19 P&G took to the streets of Manhattan and reminded New Yorkers of just that: that those everyday things can make all the difference to your family and your life.

Setting up shop throughout Manhattan, P&G is showing how the products behind your everyday actions can make life better. As a cornerstone of the one-day #EverydayEffect event, pop-up “experience boxes” have been constructed on busy street corners to demonstrate how seemingly ordinary innovations can have an extraordinary impact.

“We’re making a deliberate effort to demonstrate to consumers how our brands improve their everyday life in small, yet meaningful, ways,” says Melanie Healy, P&G North America group president. “Regardless of a person’s unique challenge or need, P&G products provide daily benefits that improve the quality of life — whether it’s helping newborns and their parents get a good night’s sleep, getting college students ready for life away from home, or simply getting that boost of confidence from a clean shave, beautiful skin, or a beautiful white smile.”

In the experience boxes, New Yorkers could see for themselves the power of the P&G products they trust and use in their own households.

The boxes embodied what you use P&G products for: grooming, beauty, household and pets. There were product demonstrations ranging from free shaves to beauty touch-ups, too. The experience boxes brought to light the true power of everyday actions by serving as a physical reminder of the #EverydayEffect.

While the rest of New Yorkers’ daily routines may have went on as usual, this was no ordinary Wednesday. From 9 a.m. till 6 p.m., nearly thousands of samples of P&G products were distributed in Manhattan, passersby stopped and caught a glimpse of a man in a suit in Old Spice’s “Constant Shower” and, inside the five experience boxes, people’s everyday were improved.


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It may have come as a surprise for New Yorkers to see the experience boxes appear on Manhattan streets, but the message is clear: Everything from a shave to a rinse with mouthwash helps starts you off on the right foot and can make all the difference for your day, your family, and even your life.

P&G’s blue pedicabs took New Yorkers all over Manhattan June 19.

A woman gets a quick nail touch-up at the P&G Beauty Box.

Stylists give “walk-ins” a free shave at the P&G Man Cave hosted by Gillette.

P&G Spokesperson Jodi Allen delivers a speech at the P&G Innovation Center at Herald Square in Manhattan.

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