Bring in Spring with Colorful Eyeliner

Bring in Spring with Colorful Eyeliner

5 ways to wear colorful eyeliner with confidence, from glamorous to everyday.

Gray may be winter’s favorite palette, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break away from the blahs. (Although gray does have its place in your makeup arsenal.)

But let’s talk about colorful eyeliner.

Lo sé, lo sé — when you think colored eyeliner, you probably either think edgy runway fashionista or pre-teen loose in her mama’s makeup case. (Two totally different looks. Both colorful. Both to be avoided in your day-to-day.)

Colorful eyeliner has been trending for a few years now, so it’s likely not going anywhere. (Except into your weekly routine, I hope.) So up your makeup game and give it a try. Remember: Color is flattering. It’s also fun. And, it’s an easy way to stay fabulosa all winter long, as we inch toward the brighter hues of spring.

Convinced? ¡Espero que sí! Here are five ways to wear colorful eyeliner with confidence:

1. Contrast is King
So you love dark blue? It’s a great color, but that doesn’t mean it’s right for your eyes. Bottom line: you’ll get the most “wow” for your liner with contrasting colors: for brown or black eyes, try purple, pink, turquoise, gold or medium blue; green eyes shine when paired with gold, purple, or deep ocean turquoise (think Pacific, not Caribbean); blue eyes pop with orange, rust or gold; and hazel eyes pair well with green or purple.

2. Choose Your Texture
Go to the store and pick up five different types of eyeliner: liquid brush, liquid pen, gel, kohl and pencil. Now, it’s time to practice.

P is for (Eye) Pencil . Traditional pencil eyeliner is the most beginner-friendly, and it offers the most control. It’s great for rimming your eyes, and is a good choice to wear to the office or during the day.


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Blend the Kohl. Similar to pencil, kohl is softer (which typically means a little harder to conquer). It gives you a smoky look — probably not office-appropriate, unless your office is fashion-forward.

Glide with Gel. Next, gel liner goes on smoothly and will give you a great line, but it’s almost a liquid and therefore requires a steadier hand.

Love the Liquid. Finally, liquid liner — both brush and pen — requires lots of practice but delivers a huge punch of color (especially liquid brush liner).

3. Only Color Your Bottom Lash
If you’re nervous about wearing bold colors (we get it), try lining just your bottom lash. Even better, line your lower water line — the inner rim, between your lashes and your eye — in a vibrant color. Don’t line your upper lid at all, but do load up on volumizing mascara. Use a light, shimmery eye shadow to highlight the inner corners of your lids.

4. Line Your Inner Corners
Choose a bright, shimmery gold or white, and line the inner corner of your eye — top and bottom. This will brighten your eyes and give you an overall glow.

5. Swap Black for Deep Colors
When you’re not quite in the mood for eye-popping color, go for something more than black but less than neon. We’re talking rich eggplant, dark navy, and forest green. Sweep it on thick, and then use your finger or brush to smudge the color for a sultry, smoky look.

How do you bring a pop of color to your eyes in the spirit of spring? Share with us.

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