Are You Storing Your Clothes Correctly?

Are You Storing Your Clothes Correctly?

From packing away your winter knitwear to checking you are not causing damage to your favorite pair of jeans, follow our storage guide to folding, hanging and washing…

A change in the season is a good time to reassess how you are storing the clothes in your wardrobe. Here’s how to do it the smart way…

Before you start

Wash your clothes before putting them away, particularly if you are storing them for a long time. Dirt, oils and perfume from your skin, plus stains that you might not even be able to see, will all darken over time when clothes are stored. Use a good fabric softener in your wash like Downy, which ensures your clothes will stay smelling fresh longer.

Get folding

While some lightweight knitwear can be stored on hangers (padded ones of course), don’t be tempted to store your favorite sweaters, even T-shirts, on a hanger. It is generally a bad idea as the weight of the garment can stretch out the shoulders and the shape. To store sweaters, fold neatly and keep in a drawer.

A denim dilemma

Stop! Jeans are actually better off being hung by their belt loops or by the waist using clip hangers. Don’t ever fold your jeans in half through a coat hanger (particularly a wire one), as this can rub and deteriorate the denim. If hanging trousers or delicate skirts with a clip style hanger, you may want to add a piece of tissue to protect the garment from the hanger’s teeth.

Beware the moth


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Another reason to always put your clothes away clean is that any dirt creates a great snack for hungry moths, which can quickly set up home and destroy your clothes. After washing, for an additional deterrent, put some cedar wood in your wardrobe or hang fabric sachets of dried lavender, which has the added benefit of making everything smell lovely.

How to hang clothes

When you are hanging items such as shirts and blouses, use the hanging loops inside if they have them. They’re there for a reason, which is to help take the weight off your garments and prevent stress on the fabric, so don’t be tempted to cut them out. Ensure the top button of a shirt is done up and preserve its shape by fastening at least every other button.

Ditch the box

Long-term, don’t be tempted to store your clothes in a plastic or cardboard box. Instead, they need to be kept in something breathable, such as a linen bag or canvas that’s been hung to prevent the humidity building and moisture forming. Ensure you store the bags somewhere dark, dry and cool.

Don’t neglect your shoes

Those winter boots will also need to be stored correctly. Clean them thoroughly to protect the material and spritz a bit of Febreze inside to keep them smelling fresh. Make sure you stand them upright to preserve their shape and feel free to pad with a small amount of tissue paper.

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