Easy Tips for Flattering and Highlighting Your Neckline

Easy Tips for Flattering and Highlighting Your Neckline

Learn how you can highlight your neck and shoulders with these great, easy tips.

Start With Your Skin

The foundation of any beautiful neckline look is your skin. Help keep the skin on your face, throat and shoulders fresh with a hydrating product such as Olay® Age Defying Anti-Wrinkle Daily SPF 15 Lotion.

Remember also to blend your foundation lightly from the jawline down your throat and neck for a more smooth and even look. A powder foundation helps cover imperfections and controls shine.

Choosing the Neckline That Flatters


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Have you ever noticed how certain tops look great in your closet but just don't make the grade in front of the mirror? It could be the neckline. The right neckline can frame your best features (and disguise others) by changing the apparent width, height and angularity of your shoulders, neck and face.

Explore various styles to discover which neckline best suits your face shape and shoulder line. When you find the ones that truly flatter, incorporate those styles into your wardrobe with dresses, blouses, sweaters and tops.

The Neckline Lowdown
Now it's time to check out the closet. What are your options? Let's review.

Boat neck

The boat neck is a very open neckline that slides straight across the collarbones. Boat necks flatter heart-shaped faces and enhance small bustlines.

Scoop neck
The scoop neck forms a "u" shape that cups the collarbones. Choose a scoop neck to complement a wide, round face. Scoop necks also create the effect of elongating the neck, particularly with an upswept hairstyle.

Square neck
The square neck forms right angles with the collarbones and adds a bit of sophistication to your look. Square necks flatter wide, round faces.

Jewel neck
The jewel neck is a round neckline that follows the base of the neck (this is the cut typically found on shell blouses and T-shirts). Choose a jewel neck to flatter a long face.

The V-neck is the vamp of necklines — the deeper the V, the more dramatic the effect. V-necks also help broad shoulders appear narrower by drawing attention away from the shoulders. You also can minimize a large bustline with a V-neck.

Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize!

Now that you've selected a flattering neckline (or more!), add a splash of color, texture and shine to your look with jewelry and scarves.

  • Knot a colorful silk scarf around the neck to enhance a jewel neck, or set it off with a long string of beads.
  • Going strapless? Choose a necklace that remains close to the neck, such as a choker, or add elegance with a strand of pearls.
  • Accent a V-neck with a drop necklace or solitaire pendant.
  • Pair an open-collar blouse with chunky costume jewelry in gold or silver.
  • Add a pashmina scarf to nearly any neckline for a look that's elegant and cozy.

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