Fresh Eye Makeup Tricks to Get Out of a Beauty Rut

Fresh Eye Makeup Tricks to Get Out of a Beauty Rut

Play up your features and shake up your routine with these eye makeup tips.

By Marisa Torrieri Bloom

After 20-something years of wearing makeup, I know that playing up my eyes is key to looking stunning, whether I’m working in the office or heading out on a date. But over the last few years, I’ve been so busy with mommy life that I haven’t had time to read magazine articles or sample new shades. And so, my green eyes are always lined and dusted in various shades of purple -- because every makeup artist I know recommends that color for green eyes.

Don’t get me wrong, purple is fantastic! But for moms like me who are in an eye makeup color rut, makeup artist Kim Reyes, a makeup artist based in Silver Spring, Maryland, has a few fantastic ideas on hot new color combinations and techniques for your lids.

For blue eyes:
The “smoky eye” has been pretty big for a while, so if your eyes are blue, try this twist: Apply copper on the lid, bronze in the crease, and a deep bronze along the lash line.

One dramatic look that works for blue-eyed moms with fair skin is to do a ‘cat’ eye with a bronze metallic eyeliner. “Pair it with a gold shimmer on the lid,” suggests Reyes. And for an evening look that works for blue (or really, any color), Reyes suggests surrounding the entire eye with a thin smudgy line of peacock blue, and then, lining your eye’s waterline with navy.

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For green or hazel eyes:
No matter what your skin tone — cool or warm — with green eyes, warmer metallic tones always work. “I would definitely suggest using a gold color, like a rosy gold, rather than bright, flashy gold … for the eyelid,” says Reyes. “With that combination, you could use bronze as an eyeliner.” For a smoldering nighttime look, pair a pewter-lined cat eye with a shimmery beige tone all over the lid.


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For brown eyes:
Brown-eyed beauties shouldn’t feel compelled to stick to “safe” colors this season. For an up-to-date cat eye, try using teal. “It’ll add punch to the eye, but it’s not your traditional blue,” says Reyes. “Violet works as a liner, too.” For the crease and lid, just use beige or a neutral shade for the lid, then add regular mascara. “You don’t want to go overboard with shadow when you’re doing that kind of liner.”

If you’d like to try a smoky eye, consider whether you have warm or cool undertones. “Women of color tend to have more warm undertones, and for them, it’s best to use the warm metallic colors — copper, gold, amber or bronze rather than charcoal and silver,” says Reyes. However, certain cool tones — silver or pewter for the lid and a darker pewter in the crease — can work well for moms with fair skin and ashy blonde hair.

What eye color combinations have you tried that look fantastic?

Marisa Torrieri Bloom is a freelance writer and guitar teacher who lives with her husband and two young sons in Fairfield, Connecticut.

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