How to Look Fabulosa on Graduation Day

How to Look Fabulosa on Graduation Day

Whether you’re the graduate or proud mamá, check out these graduation day beauty tips!

By: Lucy Lopez

To gear up for the big day, I’m taking you through a list of beauty tips and tricks to make graduation day a truly memorable celebration.

Cap-friendly Hairstyles

One of the most challenging parts about graduation outfits is the cap. (I remember going through at least six different hairstyles before I found one that looked great with mine!) But don’t worry – I’ve come up with four hairstyles that are graduation cap approved.

1. Half up Waves

  1. Prep hair by spritzing Pantene Smooth Heat Protecting Spray
  2. Section off hair accordingly and begin curling
  3. Using a curling wand, curl sections in alternating directions to add more texture and dimension. (Tip: Be sure to curl the sections closest to the front away from the face.) Spray Pantene Airspray Extra Strong Hold Hairspray for hold. (For naturally wavy hair, prep hair with Herbal Essences Coconut Milk Oil-infused Crème the night before to enhance texture.)
  4. Part hair as desired, and then take two small equal sections from the front of the hair. Take one piece and drape the hair toward the back and secure with bobby pins. Repeat on other side

2. The Low Bun

  1. Begin by brushing hair back and spritzing some Pantene Airspray Extra Strong Hold Hairspray to hold down any flyaways
  2. Gather hair at the nape of your neck, tie with an elastic into a low ponytail
  3. Form your bun by twisting the hair around the elastic, securing with another elastic to hold the bun in place
  4. Secure with bobby pins, if needed

3. Twisted Side Pony

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  1. Start by separating hair in front of your ears on the side with the most hair, secure with elastic
  2. On the other side, part the hair in front of your ear diagonally, secure with another elastic
  3. Secure remaining hair on the side with a third elastic. Using a curling wand, wrap hair in the ponytail away from the face to create loose curls
  4. Taking the section of hair that was parted diagonally, begin twisting the hair back and secure about three inches above elastic with bobby pins
  5. Curl remaining hair in the front away from your face and begin to twist and secure below the last twist. Take the rest of the hair, pinning it upward underneath the elastic to secure the style
  6. Curl all the remaining pieces and spritz Pantene Airspray Extra Strong Hold Hairspray to finish

4. Classic Curls

  1. Prep hair by spritzing Pantene Smooth Heat Protecting Spray
  2. Depending how big you want your curls, section off hair accordingly and begin curling (larger sections for looser curls, smaller sections for tighter curls)
  3. Curl sections away from the face, run fingers through the hair to loosen the curls
  4. Use Pantene Airspray Extra Strong Hold Hairspray to secure the style

Graduation Cap Decorating Ideas
In my opinion, one of the most fun parts about graduation is getting to design the top of your cap. In a sea of one-colored robes, this is a way to stand out and let your personality shine.

First, find felt letters or markers at a craft store in white or a brighter color, depending on the color of your cap. When you’re shopping, bring the cap with you to make sure the sizing of your decorations is OK. Next, find accessories that will look pretty with the overall design, like flower appliques, stickers or rhinestones.

Now is the perfect time to express how proud you are of your culture with a slogan like, “Young Latina and Proud” or “Gracias Mamá y Papá.”

New Traditions
I think that new traditions are a beautiful way to remember an important event like this. For example, let her wear your favorite earrings or necklace, or give her a timeless piece of jewelry for graduation that she can pass down to her hija. Another way to incorporate a tradition could be designing your graduation cap with your family’s flag of descent.

I hope these ideas get you even more excited for graduation! From all of us at Orgullosa, felicitaciones!

Lucía (Lucy) Lopez was born and raised in Buffalo, New York, and lucky enough to have a second home on the pretty little island of Puerto Rico. With writing as her passion, she’s beyond excited to be a part of the Orgullosa community and getting to learn more about Hispanic cultures, other than her own, along the way.

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